30 Nov 2018 --- Bag-in-box and pouch packaging supplier Scholle IPN is adapting and evolving its aseptic packaging solutions for the growing nitro cold brew coffee trend. Nitro coffee was originally offered in kegs and is now transitioning to bag-in-box. With solutions like the 1900 Cap Bag-in-Box Package, Scholle IPN is well-positioned to offer customers from major coffee producers to small coffee shops a range of nitro cold brew products, including specialized connectors, bags with the correct fitment, or filling equipment for those bags.
27 Nov 2018 --- Tetra Pak reached another major milestone on its journey towards producing all packaging using sustainably managed, renewable materials with the December 2016 launch of the Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 Edge with Bio-based LightCap. Adopted by Netherlands-based FrieslandCampina earlier in 2018 for its popular chocolate milk brand, Chocomel, the 80 percent raw plant material carton continues to attract more sustainability-driven customers.
06 Nov 2018 --- A new and innovative atmospheric cold plasma (CP)-based antimicrobial packaging system has been shown to significantly increase shelf-life and safety in poultry breast meat. The US Department of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) developed the packaging system which uses high electrical voltages to generate plasma with ozone and other bactericidal components within sealed food packages. There are a number of advantages with this packaging system compared to alternative treatments, such as eliminating pre-packaging treatment requirements, adaptability for use with any size and type of package and treatment time, having no chemical residues after treatment, and cost-effectiveness.
18 Sep 2018 --- GEA is expanding its D-tec valve line with the new GEA D-tec P/DV control valve for ultraclean applications in the food, beverage and dairy industries. This allows reliable control of process parameters such as volume flow, pressure, temperature and filling level of a vessel. Due to the hermetically sealing D-tec stem diaphragm, the valve is said to achieve a higher standard of hygiene. The company touts the valve as ensuring safety in the production of beer mixes, soft drinks, fruit juices, milk-based and lactic acid-fermented products or even sauces and to contributing to longer minimum product shelf life.
29 Aug 2018 --- The use of PET as a packaging material is expected to continue its growth within the global liquid dairy sector. Traditionally packaged in carton or HDPE containers, liquid dairy products bottled in PET are forecasted to grow by 4.4 percent in the period from 2018 to 2020, according to Guillaume Rolland, Vice President Sensitive Products at Sidel. Sidel, provider of complete solutions for packaging liquids in PET, can and glass, advocates for the dairy industry to swap to PET packaging. Rolland explains to PackagingInsights.
08 Aug 2018 --- SIG’s new Heat&Go carton has found its first customer in South Korea’s Seoul Dairy Cooperative (SDC) who will be using the microwavable pack to launch their “Achimae” Soymilk (meaning Morning Soymilk). The product is a nutritionally-rich, morning soy milk drink with chickpea protein, designed to be served as a warm, on-the-go breakfast.
20 Jul 2018 --- Chinese dairy manufacturer Mengniu has launched the first organic milk product to be packaged in the Tetra Prisma Aseptic 250 Edge with DreamCap. The new product line has a higher protein content, improved taste and stands out on the shelf due to a refreshed look. With on-the-go milk drinks gaining increasing popularity in the Asian market in particular, Mengniu says it expects sales of this product to generate US$14.5 million in August alone.
19 Jul 2018 --- SIG has developed a new microwaveable aseptic carton designed specifically for on-the-go consumption of liquid dairy, non-carbonated soft drinks and broth with low viscosity products. The new “Heat&Go” pack is aluminum free and can be heated in a microwave, either in a vending machine, store, café, home or office. SIG cite the rising consumer trend for hot drinks that can be consumed on-the-go – particularly in Asia – as the inspiration behind the design.
11 Jul 2018 --- Ecolean, a global supplier of lightweight packaging solutions for both ambient and chilled liquid food, has launched two new aseptic filling machines for aseptic portion- and family-sized packages: the EL6 and the EL3+.
22 Jun 2018 --- Nutpods will re-release their Seasonal Edition Pumpkin Spice creamer in North America’s first aseptic carton package made with polymers linked to plant-based renewable materials. The carton is designed and supplied by SIG, a leader in aseptic packaging solutions.
21 Jun 2018 --- Tetra Top 200ml packaging has enabled Yili, a leading Chinese dairy manufacturer, to launch what is claimed to be the world’s first ambient drinking yogurt with large fruit and cereal pieces. Tetra Top 200ml is a bottle with large re-sealable screw caps, ideal for the growing on-the-go consumer market.

Nutpods Launches Signature Pack

18 Jun 2018 --- Nutpods, a pioneer in the coffee creamer market, has successfully delivered a delicious, natural, and additive free, plant based alternative to half-and-half. 2018 has started off with big changes and even greater customer reach for nutpods. In September 2018, nutpods is strengthening their commitment to building their brand on ethical practices and providing the best consumer experiences.
10 May 2018 --- Arla Food Germany is the first company to opt for the innovative Signature pack – the world’s first aseptic carton pack that is 100 percent linked to plant-based renewable material – from SIG, the carton pack and filling technology specialist. The Signature pack offers a fully renewable package, including the plastic closure fittings which are obtained through a strict certified traceability system in the manufacturing of the polymers.
03 Apr 2018 --- Serbian fruit juice producer, Nectar, is raising the level of its technical equipment and production with the purchase of The Innosept Asbofill 711 C from KHS. The line has a capacity of 12,000 bottles per hour and processes 500-milliliter, 750-milliliter and 1.5-liter PET bottles. This marks the first aseptic filler of its kind in Serbia, and it will increase the production of Nectars products, which range from fruit juice, fruit nectar, iced tea, energy drinks and spirits, and vinegar and preserves.
03 Apr 2018 --- Transcontinental Inc., who have held the title of Canadas “largest printer,” will soon become the seventh largest packaging company in the US, following a US$1.32 billion acquisition of Coveris Americas, a business held by Coveris Holdings S.A.
28 Mar 2018 --- In light of modern challenges around food waste, India’s largest multinational company for flexible packaging materials and solutions, Uflex Ltd, presents FlexFresh, a patented film of special polymeric composition and Asepto, First Indian aseptic liquid packaging material brand. FlexFresh works to elongate product shelf life for fresh produce, while the Asepto range touts efficient aseptic liquid packaging solution coupled up with attractive holographic design and aseptic filling capabilities. WorldPackagingOnline spoke to Uflex to get a deeper insight.

CleanPouch debut: Pre-made spouted pouch for aseptic products

26 Mar 2018 --- Scholle IPN – a global leader in flexible packaging solutions – has announced their successful commercialization of a pre-made, sterilized pouch system for aseptically-processed products. The “CleanPouch” aseptic system includes an innovative spout, plug and cap combination; pouches made within clean room environments; and a small-footprint, high output aseptic rotary filler: the SureFill 100P aseptic.
23 Mar 2018 --- Anuga FoodTec 2018, Cologne, saw the industry come together once again to exhibit the latest innovations in food processing and packaging equipment and technologies. The show reaches its conclusion amid optimistic market projections, with new research forecasting growth at a CAGR of seven percent for the food packaging technology market and CAGR of six percent for the food packaging equipment market.
20 Mar 2018 --- German manufacturer of innovative filling and packaging systems, KHS, have introduced new linear aseptic fillers for the bottling of sensitive products in a space-saving block system. Ideal for the packaging of on-the-go breakfast products like smoothies, milk, and yogurts, KHS are focused on providing solutions to the growing "mobile" consumer trend.

High Brew Coffee To Release 32 Oz. Bottle

18 Dec 2017 --- High Brew Coffee announced plans to up the ante and amount of cold brew for their consumers by introducing new 32-ounce environmentally-conscious coffee in the unique Tetra Evero carton bottle. The distinctive packaging features the top shape of traditional milk containers with the environmental advantages of a carton.