09 Jul 2018
--- The Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) and the Australian Bioplastics Association (ABA) have published a joint position paper on Certified Compostable Bioplastics. The paper outlines what steps are necessary to... Read More
05 Jul 2018
--- Austrian packaging company Alpha and Swiss transportation company Fromm have embarked on a collaboration in relation to PET recycling with the aim to reduce CO2 emissions through saved transport and increase PET recycling... Read More
04 Jul 2018
--- Plastics technology specialist Aimplas has pioneered the creation of new biodegradable films and nets for horticultural products, food colorants and additives from harvest waste. The BIOVEGE project took horticultural waste... Read More
26 Jun 2018
--- RPC bpi protec’s Worcester, UK, site has established a closed-loop recycling scheme to capture surplus plastic packaging and turn it into second-life products for the benefit of its customers’ sustainability and... Read More
22 Jun 2018
--- Nutpods will re-release their Seasonal Edition Pumpkin Spice creamer in North America’s first aseptic carton package made with polymers linked to plant-based renewable materials. The carton is designed and supplied by... Read More
20 Jun 2018
--- Elopak is the first manufacturer to deliver over one billion 100 percent renewable cartons after launching beverage cartons, the company state. Elopak's cartons offered with renewable PE, help ensuring resources for... Read More
19 Jun 2018
--- Targeted at busy millennials who “prefer to consume healthily on-the-go,” Pfanner’s Supersafte range of lifestyle juices are packaged in SIG’s innovative carton bottle combidome 500ml, which is... Read More
12 Jun 2018
--- In Finland, plastic bags are at the centre of the conversation about plastics and at the retail store cash register many consumers are curious what the most eco-friendly carrier bag is. At the same time, many people are... Read More
08 Jun 2018
--- Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has launched a so-called “natural label” on a selection of its organic vegetables range, marking a move into the mainstream for the technology. The “natural label” is... Read More
07 Jun 2018
--- German label manufacturer, Etiket Schiller, has introduced compostable and biodegradable cellulosic labels made from renewable raw materials to the market. The labels are fully compostable thus enabling brand owners to add... Read More
06 Jun 2018
--- Plastic nanoparticles – which are tiny pieces of plastic less than 1 micrometer in size – could potentially contaminate food chains, ultimately affecting human health, a study conducted at the National University... Read More
04 Jun 2018
--- Huhtamaki, a global specialist in packaging for food and drink, are to trial a new fiber-based, ready meal packaging. The trial version of the renewable fiber packaging will be tested in the UK this May, as part of... Read More
31 May 2018
--- The EU-level Trade Association for European Plastics Converters (EuPC) has voiced dismay at the EU’s recent single-use plastics Directive. EuPC claims that the proposal contains a definition of single-use products... Read More
30 May 2018
--- The European Commission’s new measures to combat growing levels of plastic pollution in the ocean are described as “vague regarding sustainable alternatives” by François de Bie, Chairman of European... Read More
28 May 2018
--- Wood and biomass packaging specialists, Stora Enso, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Through the agreement, Stora Enso and SLU intend to establish a... Read More
24 May 2018
--- The official launch of the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics (SPICE) has been announced by the founding companies: L’Oréal and Quantis, a leading environmental sustainability consulting firm. The... Read More
24 May 2018
--- UK supermarket giant, Tesco, has announced its aspirations for a “closed loop” packaging system, calling on the government to support with national recycling infrastructure. The supermarket is reevaluating the... Read More
24 May 2018
--- Paper-based packaging giants, Smurfit Kappa, has launched a pioneering new carton designed to prevent the migration of mineral oil into packaged food. Now available to customers for primary packaging, the MB12 technology... Read More
22 May 2018
--- Stora Enso and start-up company, Sulapac, have signed a joint development agreement to combat the global problem of plastic waste by accelerating the use of fully renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials in... Read More
22 May 2018
--- The food and beverage industry can minimize the high levels of plastic pollution generated through single-use packaging by adopting a cohesive approach that openly acknowledges the complexity of the issue, according to... Read More