13 May 2022
--- CJ Bio, a division of South Korea-based CJ CheilJedang, is launching a “market-first” amorphous PHA polymer as part of its new PHACT Marine Biodegradable Polymers line. The amorphous PHA polymer will be produced... Read More
12 May 2022
--- New York’s new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) bill is expected to face fierce industry resistance, experts say. The bill, introduced on May 5, would make packaging producers completely responsible for packaging... Read More
02 May 2022
--- Ahead of the Rethinking Materials summit this week in London, UK, we speak with Stefan Barot, CEO at Biotec, a company developing and producing environmentally sustainable bioplastics made from plant-based renewable... Read More
29 Apr 2022
--- The Rethinking Materials summit in London, UK, next week will offer a valuable opportunity for packaging and waste management players to reimagine and design public infrastructure. We sit down with Dr. Adam Read, external... Read More
08 Apr 2022
--- Experts are convening today at the University of Portsmouth, UK, to discuss the success of policies tackling the global plastic pollution crisis. The two-day online workshop reviews research and proposals initiated at the... Read More
30 Mar 2022
--- The UK’s Department of Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has released the findings of its long-awaited extended producer responsibility (EPR) consultation, along with the policy decisions it has drawn.... Read More
25 Mar 2022
--- TIPA has flagged the movement by small-scale farmers in pioneering environmentally sustainable packaging solutions for the food industry, particularly compostable packaging. Brands across the US and UK are investing in... Read More
24 Mar 2022
--- Huhtamaki is increasing its production of advanced smooth molded fiber packaging in Europe. The company’s site in Alf, Germany, is switching its focus from plastics to smooth molded fiber products to meet the growing... Read More
23 Mar 2022
--- Researchers at NC State University, US, have developed a new biomaterial that could help solve the worsening problem of plastic pollution. Lokendra Pal and Lucian Lucia, professors in the Department of Forest Biomaterials,... Read More
16 Mar 2022
--- As part of a supply chain project, WRAP Cymru (Wales) has taken hard to recycle items and converted them into new items, including turning single-use coffee cups into waterproof building materials and decking. The project is... Read More
14 Mar 2022
--- The bioplastics industry could experience a boom as fossil fuel-based virgin plastics face sharp price rises and material shortages due to COVID-19 disruptions, economic inflation and political conflict, according to Tipa.... Read More
11 Mar 2022
--- In packaging news this week, Holographyx launched a patented anti-counterfeiting system for pharmaceutical blister packs that enables printing of dosage and marketing information on the area surrounding the pill recess.... Read More
09 Mar 2022
--- Greiner Packaging is developing a solution made from compostable polymers to help consumers dispose of used coffee capsules “in their own backyard.” The company has entered a bid for TÜV certification in... Read More
02 Mar 2022
--- Huhtamaki is transitioning Unilever’s Carte D’Or ice cream packaging to recyclable paper tubs and lids with a layer of polyethylene for sealing. The move to paper-based packaging will help the brand eliminate... Read More
01 Mar 2022
--- Coors Light is announcing today it will eliminate plastic rings from its multipacks globally, reportedly making it the largest beer brand in North America to move away from the secondary plastic packaging. Molson Coors... Read More
23 Feb 2022
--- Innova Market Insights has unveiled its Top Packaging Trends 2022, with “Food Waste Fighters” taking the top spot. The climate crisis, COVID-19 pandemic and political upheavals have elevated food waste concerns,... Read More
18 Feb 2022
--- An Oregon State University study in the US has demonstrated that apple waste can be turned into a renewable packaging material that could serve as an alternative to conventional plastics. Oregon State professor Yanyun Zhao,... Read More
17 Feb 2022
--- Fiber-based foodservice packaging suppliers face a daunting challenge: how to produce grease-resistance compostable plates and containers without using conventional chemistry formulations, specifically PFAS, or potentially... Read More
15 Feb 2022
--- Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US, have engineered a composite made 60%-90% from cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) mixed with synthetic polymer. The scientists say this composite is stronger and... Read More
14 Feb 2022
--- The European Commission (EC) is launching a stakeholder platform to promote algae use for nutrition and packaging. Called EU4Algae, the project aims to accelerate business development and consumer awareness in the EU. The EC... Read More