2018 in review: The top stories of the year

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Big developments in business: In one of the biggest business stories of the year, Amcor and Bemis announced in August a US$6.8 billion all-stock transaction to combine two of the world’s leading global packaging suppliers. Uniting the two complementary companies creates, what they are calling, “the global leader in consumer packaging,” with the footprint, scale and capabilities to drive significant value for shareholders, offer customers and employees the most compelling value proposition and deliver the most sustainable innovations for the environment. In another landmark move, China and the EU signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Circular Economy Cooperation at the 20th EU-China summit held in July. The world’s two biggest economies stand to gain from aligning on policies that support the transition to a circular economy, which can unlock new sources of economic growth and innovation while benefiting people and the environment.

Big developments in business:


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