Packaging Innovations 2018 review: Marrying sustainability with luxury and convenience

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Futamura has collaborated with packaging manufacturer Bio4Pack to create a plastic-free compostable crisp pack for German organic crisps producer, myCHIPSBOX. ‘To make a product which is as sensitive to moisture and light as crisps and package it in non-plastic materials is a real technical challenge,' Andy Sweetman, UK Marketing Manager, Futamura, tells PackagingInsights. 'What we have here is a laminate of two different materials: NatureFlex on the outside providing the barrier properties, laminated to another material on the inside which is giving perfect seal integrity. So although we are using two different materials, what they have in common is that they are both compostable, providing an option for end-of-life reuse of the material through composting, whereas conventional plastics will not be recyclable.'

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