Packaging Innovations 2019: Searching for sustainability amid Brexit uncertainty

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Packaging Innovations 2019 Show Director, James Drake-Brockman, predicted that at this year’s show the sustainability debate around plastics would progress from 'what needs to be done' to an evaluation of 'what we are actually doing.' This proved to be the case. Although nobody within the UK packaging industry appears to deny the gravity of the global plastic pollution problem, strategies with how best to deal with it vary greatly. During the show, PackagingInsights found an array of innovation within plastics packaging designed to enhance recyclability. Notable examples include Mondi’s fully recyclable laminate, the BarrierPack Recyclable, in addition to innovation in plastic alternatives, such as The Sherwood Group’s water-based biodegradable barrier control, Puracoat, applicable to cartonboard.

Packaging Innovations 2019
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