Packaging Innovations 2020: Carbon reduction tops agenda

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Packaging Innovations 2020
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Snacks and candy packaging stole the show at ISM and ProSweets 2020, hosted in Cologne, Germany, February 2-5. Packaging suppliers exhibited the latest in machinery, materials and decorative techniques needed to bring confectionery safely, hygienically and attractively to retail shelves. A labyrinth of large-scale, fully and semi-automatic machinery gave visitors a closer look...View More
All roads lead to a circular packaging economy: In a year once again dominated by the drive for increased sustainability, suppliers and brand owners got more serious in their attempts to unearth truly “circular” packaging systems and concepts. The rising tide of public anti-plastic sentiment manifested itself in more stringent environmental regulations, notably the...View More
FachPack 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany, attracted around 44,000 visitors and 1,591 exhibitors in a year where the show declared its first-ever official key theme: Sustainability. The 12 exhibition halls demonstrated that the search for increased sustainability is a multi-faceted challenge and one that cannot be overcome with a single solution or a particular material. The rush to...View More
Packaging Innovations/Luxury Packaging 2019 in London celebrated its 10th birthday, exhibiting a wide range of innovative, environmentally responsible new packaging designs. The major theme of the show was sustainability in the context of circular material economies and the debate centered around the contest between plastic packaging and plastic-free alternatives. The Plastic...View More