Back to School: Healthy, lunchbox-friendly products

Sep 2019

The summer holidays are coming to an end, heralding in a new school year for millions of children across the globe. The right nutrition is key to learning and parents and students alike will be looking at how they can ensure a healthy, yet convenient, diet that will keep them mentally sharp during the hours spent in the classroom. As consumers become more mindful about their consumption, there is ample opportunity for “back-to-school” lunch and snacking opportunities that fit in with a healthy lifestyle. The key aspect here is the so-called “health halo”: natural, unprocessed products that give parents some peace of mind that they are sending their children to school with the right nutrition.


Dairylea Dunkers Cheesy Cones (United Kingdom). Four plastic trays of cheese dip (7 percent fat) with added calcium and corn snacks with cheese flavor (20 percent), held in a cardboard sleeve. Features a “great for lunchboxes” claim on front-of-pack.