Bottoms up: NPD in alcoholic beverage packaging

Feb 2019

Indulgence is still key in NPD for alcoholic beverages, as companies continue to offer high-end artisanal and handcrafted liqueurs using seasonal flavors and novel ingredients. Premium offerings are often packaged in glass, which remains the material of choice for alcoholic beverages. There is a rise in alternative packaging formats for traditional categories such as wine, with cans and bag-in-box formats gaining popularity. Innovations in can packaging include the nitro can, which replicates the sensory characteristics of a nitrogenated draught beer for on-the-go consumption, and Carslberg’s snap-pack, which addresses reduction in waste produced from single-use plastic shrink wraps.


Guinness Nitro IPA: Sweet And Creamy IPA (France). This packaging utilizes the company’s peerless expertise in nitrogenation, by introducing a groundbreaking device that provides the same surge and settle effect of draught beer, in a 330ml aluminum can. 1