NPD in action: Baby and toddler packaging

Feb 2020

Glass has historically been the packaging material of choice for baby foods, but the current packaging landscape for baby foods is dominated by plastics. When looking at the overall category, nearly one in five launches in the baby foods category are packaged in plastic packets, while one in six launches are packaged in stand-up DOY pouches. Baby formula continues to be packed predominantly in tins, while glass jars continue to dominate baby meals. Most of the packaging sustainability credentials within the category are illustrated through from the use of recyclable plastic materials and the use of post-consumer recycled content in carton boxes.


Arla Puregrow Organic 1 Plus Susu Pertumbuhan Organik Rasa Plain: Organic Growing Milk Formula with Plain Flavor For Toddlers From 1 To 3 Years (Indonesia). Organic growing-up milk formula powder with plain flavor, for toddlers from one to three years. Comes in an aluminum packet held in a carton box.