NPD in action: RTD beverage innovation

Oct 2018

The growing demand for “craft” products offers companies an effective route to experiment with product differentiation and premiumization. The strong consumer demand for portability and convenience has also resulted in innovations in packaging shape, use of lighter packaging materials and an increased application of flexible packaging options. The need for greater convenience has also spurred innovation in self-heating and self-cooling cans.


Koios Pear Guava Nootropic Drink (US). Koios pear guava nootropic drink is a proprietary blend of nootropics in koios the drink also infused it with MCT oil, creating the first drink of its kind. MCT oil is a fat derived from coconuts that deliver fast fuel for the body and brain. Nootropic compounds can improve brain function, such as memory, creativity and focus. The product is packaged in a 355ml aluminum can.