labels & labeling

02 Jul 2024
--- On the 50th anniversary of the world’s first barcode being scanned, 22 industry giants — including marketplaces such as Alibaba, retailers like Carrefour and manufacturers like Procter & Gamble (P&G)... Read More
02 Jul 2024
--- June kicked off with the world’s largest printing equipment exhibition, Drupa, held in Düsseldorf, Germany. We attended the show to learn about the industry’s latest digital technologies and developments.... Read More
28 Jun 2024
--- Domino Printing Sciences has unveiled a new thermal inkjet solution designed for printing simple codes on flexible packaging, including food applications. The new “thermal inkjet into traditional thermal transfer... Read More
27 Jun 2024
--- Kenyan flexible packaging specialist Platinum Packaging has implemented an operations upgrade with two automated Bobst Master M6 inline flexo presses for labels, folding carton and flexible packaging with oneECG technology.... Read More
21 Jun 2024
--- Digimarc Corporation has introduced Digimarc Automate, an automated product inspection solution offering imperceptible digital watermarks across packaging to boost the circular economy. In industrial environments where... Read More
19 Jun 2024
--- Connected packaging technologies like QR codes and near-field communication (NFC) tags are now a core part of most businesses’ growth strategies, with 85% of brands reporting their intention to boost investments in... Read More
06 Jun 2024
--- On the penultimate day of this year’s Drupa tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany, we look back at the showcases and findings from the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world. Over 11 days (May 28 to June... Read More
05 Jun 2024
--- Consumers increasingly expect clear product labels to improve disposal behavior. A new study titled “Enabling desired disposal of compostable plastic packaging: an evaluation of disposal instruction labels,”... Read More
03 Jun 2024
--- UK supermarket Tesco is planning to remove plastic stickers on its extra-large avocados to target waste reduction. The company is working with fruit supplier Westfalia for this move and will use laser technology to engrave... Read More
28 May 2024
--- Bobst is demonstrating how machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can be harnessed to elevate packaging production at the ongoing Drupa 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany. We caught up with Christian Zeller, head of... Read More
23 May 2024
--- Digital IoT agency SharpEnd recently released its second “Connected Experience Report,” examining how the industry is adopting and responding to developments in connected technologies like QR Codes, near-field... Read More
23 May 2024
--- Roambee is launching the “world’s first true 5G GPS peel-and-ship” smart label for the logistics industry. The 4 x 6-inch smart label offers a “revolutionary” barcode-like user experience,... Read More
21 May 2024
--- Printing technology trade show Drupa 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany, will open its doors to visitors next week. Between May 28 and June 7, exhibitors will demonstrate their latest printing and packaging innovations,... Read More
20 May 2024
--- Recycling tech firm Polytag has announced UK retailer M&S as a founding member of its Polytag Ecotrace Programme, an initiative aimed at optimizing the tracing and recycling of single-use plastic packaging in the UK.The... Read More
10 May 2024
--- This week in industry news, Suzano announced its Cerrado Project, the “largest single-line pulp mill in the world,” will be operational in coming weeks. Meanwhile, Amcor worked with personal care company Avon to... Read More
10 May 2024
--- A collaboration of industry bodies is calling for the European Council (EC) to adopt a “simplified procedure” for the upcoming Green Claims Directive, which would allow companies whose environmental claims are... Read More
03 May 2024
--- This week in industry news, Sappi future-proofed its mill in Austria to adapt to digitalization and industry 4.0 needs. Meanwhile, SIG launched a spouted pouch system featuring in-line pouch sterilization and Carbios... Read More
02 May 2024
--- Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Kraton and Dow are partnering to reduce the carbon footprint for two of Henkel’s North American proprietary products for end-of-line packaging: Technomelt Supra 100 LE and Technomelt Supra... Read More
02 May 2024
--- UPM Raflatac is releasing a new line of products under its Carbon Action Plastic Labels portfolio, introduced to help customers reduce the carbon footprint of their packaging materials. The line is planned for expansion... Read More
26 Apr 2024
--- The Alliance to End Plastic Waste has published its first two “Solution Model” playbooks to improve the understanding of stakeholders across the plastic value chain about what is needed to drive systems change to... Read More