09 Jan 2019 --- Sealpac has collaborated with Norwegian company MatBørsen for its foray into the ready meal sector. The companies launched a click-on soup tray that has been stocked at Norwegian retailers Meny since 2017, for which MatBørsen invested in a line solution primary based on Sealpac equipment. The concept delivers an extension in shelf-life for the soup, as well as a convenient for on-the-go end product for the consumer.
13 Aug 2018 --- Sealpac’s FlatSkin pack combines extended shelf-life and enhanced design appeal with a plastic reduction of up to 75 percent. Danish seafood processor Vega Salmon A/S is one of the early adopters of the FlatSkin packaging system for its hot-smoked salmon products. The products are manufactured on a Sealpac A10 traysealer with 8-impression tooling for cardboard carriers measuring 260 x 130 mm. Each carrier has a double-sided print and hanger hole, which, combined with Sealpac’s unique OnTrayCut system, allow for an attractive vertical presentation at retail.
24 Apr 2018 --- Within the food industry, the key trend of customization looks set to continue. The trend reflects a consumer who is more inclined to have a say in what they eat, through the personalization and customization of their food on a nutritional or taste basis. Innovative packaging solutions are appearing on the market, in response to this stable trend and making personalized nutrition on-the-go a particularly viable reality.

Food Packages: Safe, Efficient, Smart And Sustainable

14 Feb 2017 --- Modern packages think for themselves, remind us, extend shelf life, can be heated at the press of a button and influence our senses with their appearance, odour and feel - and some of them can even speak. What packages in the food sector are capable of goes far beyond their original purpose of protecting foods.

Packages of the Future will be Presented at Meetingpack 2015

16 Jan 2015 --- The food plastic packaging industry will pay attention again to Valencia on the 25th and 26th February 2015, when the second edition of MeetingPack will take place.

Lotte Wedel Relies on Special SEALPAC Tray-Sealing Technologies

20 Nov 2014 --- Located in a historical building in the centre of Warsaw, around 1,000 employees of the Polish confectionery company Wedel put effort in producing and packaging finest chocolate products for markets as far as the United States.

Sliced cheese packaging that seals

17 Feb 2012 --- Arla Foods, dairy market leader in Sweden, chose the Amcor’s E-Close® lid for their sliced cheese range as consumers enjoy the easy to use features and appreciate the uncompromising protective qualities.

Amcor E-Close® receives prestigious Scanstar packaging award

25 Nov 2011 --- Amcor Flexibles has announced that Amcor E-Close® was recognized for its latest innovation in easy to open and re-seal solutions for fresh applications when it recently received an award from Scanstar, the famous competition organized each year by the Scandinavian Packaging Association.

Microwave pasteurization puts ready meals where consumers want them

01 Jul 2011 --- Sweden’s Lantmännen Gooh is among the first to commercialize an in-pack microwave cooking and pasteurization concept called MicVac. MicVac AB, in close cooperation with SEALPAC, developed this unique packaging concept for chilled ready meals. It provides a refrigerated shelf life of at least 30 days at 8 deg C while ensuring maximum taste, nutritional value, and texture.

Südpack’s New High-Performance Film is Bringing Convenience to Fresh Meat Packaging

12 May 2010 --- At the IFFA international meat fair in Frankfurt, Südpack Verpackungen GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting the perfect solution: SafePeel TT is a newly developed high-performance film – specially designed for tray sealer applications.

New Cryovac VST Vacuum Skin Tray Concept

11 Dec 2007 --- The new Cryovac VST system runs on existing qualified tray sealers which have been modified to run the vacuum skin process, from various manufacturers for example Mondini, Sealpac, Multivac or Ulma.