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11 Oct 2018 --- The packaging solution is sometimes right in front of your eyes. That is the view of Simone Caronni, Pietro Gaeli and Paolo Stefano Gentile, three product designers from NABA University in Milan, who have created cone-shaped fries packaging from discarded potato peels. Fries companies produce a lot of potato peels: the idea of this project is to use this material to save on waste while producing eco-conscious packaging, the trio says, and so the Peel Saver was born.
20 Sep 2018 --- Gerresheimer, a pharma and healthcare packaging provider, is expanding its services to offer surface finishing of plastic packaging for ophthalmology and rhinology products with irradiation. As part of this move, the company is drawing on partnerships with selected certified partners.
20 Sep 2018 --- Bisphenol A (BPA) alternatives used in “BPA-free” bottles, cups, cages and other items have been found to cause reproductive problems in mice by researchers at Washington State University. “BPA-free” or not, plastic products that show signs of damage or aging cannot be considered safe, the researchers warn. Patricia Hunt, a researcher in the lab, further tells PackagingInsights that it is not possible for consumers to determine if a product contains bisphenols, but states that “new recycling codes or other mandatory labeling that would allow consumers to make educated decisions would be ideal.”
18 Sep 2018 --- A Plastic Planet – an organization which openly advocates a 100 percent discontinuation of plastics in food and beverage packaging – could be found tucked away in a far corner of the Packaging Innovations show in London last week. The major theme of the show was the ongoing plastics conversation, epitomized by the widely attended The Big Plastics Debate, in which industry-leading figures debated the role of plastics in a more sustainable future. Meanwhile, the team at A Plastic Planet came armed with its famed Plastic Free Aisle exhibit and a wall full of “Plastic Free” trust marks in a clear indication of its stance.
24 Aug 2018 --- The weekly roundup is PackagingInsights' collection of global packaging stories from the past week. UK based artisan confectionary company Buttermilk has released its newest snack bar in cellulose packaging. Heidelberg has presented its latest digital solutions and “smart print shop” at customer events in Japan. Aptar has announced its official participation in Amazon’s Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) program while UK bagged fruit and nut snack manufacturer Humdinger Ltd has purchased two Vegatronic 6000 baggers and Parkside, a specialty packaging solutions provider, has made a further significant investment in state-of-the-art laser equipment. Lastly, Ardagh Group has completed the conversion of its Rugby, UK, beverage can manufacturing plant from steel to aluminum.
06 Aug 2018 -- Researches at Virginia Tech have created innovative “slippery” plastic packaging designed to minimize the food waste commonly left behind in condiment, dairy and beverage packaging. The study, which was published in Scientific Reports and has yielded a provisional patent, establishes a method for wicking chemically compatible vegetable oils into the surfaces of common extruded plastics. While cutting down on food waste, the “slippery” packaging also helps combat the frustration felt by consumers when they are unable to squeeze the last drop of sauce from small packets.
01 Aug 2018 --- August Faller has developed an intelligent and interactive pharmaceutical packaging prototype: a digitalized folding carton, coined “Medical Prescription,” which supports patient’s compliance with regard to medication intake. The packaging solution, which includes a small e-paper display and electronic controls (buttons), counts down the tablets, reminds the patient of the correct time to take them and alerts the patient when it is time to order a new prescription. Doctors and pharmacists can transfer, via Bluetooth, individual dosage instructions onto the folding carton.
25 Jul 2018 --- In an attempt to lower the use of single-use plastics in takeaway packaging, online delivery service Just Eat has announced a new UK six-week trial of seaweed-based sauce sachets for ketchup and garlic herb sauces. The Ooho! Seaweed Sauce sachets, created in partnership with sustainable packaging development company Skipping Rocks Lab, decompose in a matter of weeks.
25 Jul 2018 --- Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a compostable material derived from crab shells and tree fibers which, the team believes, could provide a more sustainable alternative to flexible plastic packaging used for fresh foods. The new material is made by spraying multiple layers of chitin from crab shells and cellulose from trees to form a flexible film similar to plastic packaging film.
23 Jul 2018 --- As consumers increasingly look for more natural and “free-from” products, packaging companies must deliver on packaging that adequately reflects its contents. Colman’s range of seasoning blends, developed by Unilever and packed in a unique paper material from Flextrus, aim to meet this demand with a packaging look based on the traditional brown paper bag.
20 Jul 2018 --- This week in packaging, Kalas Packaging has introduced an online personalized gift bag and bottle box service for consumers, Acqua Vitasnella, a brand belonging to Ferrarelle SpA has launched its “Le Linfe” range, and Veritiv Corporation now offers a paperboard-based packaging option made with 100 percent sugarcane bagasse fibers. Menasha Packaging Company, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, has announced a new President.
12 Jul 2018 --- VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has successfully developed a thermally formable, biodegradable material, which is 100 percent bio-based. Biocomposites made from entirely bio-based raw materials can be used to replace fossil raw material derived plastics, which have traditionally been used in industrial applications. As the material is thermoformable, it is well suited for various manufacturing processes and products.
04 Jul 2018 --- Plastics technology specialist Aimplas has pioneered the creation of new biodegradable films and nets for horticultural products, food colorants and additives from harvest waste. The BIOVEGE project took horticultural waste from the fields of Almería and successfully converted it into high-value packaging in line with the philosophy of the circular economy.
21 Jun 2018 --- Innovia Films has launched a BOPP Rayoface facestock film specifically designed for reclosable applications, such as wet wipes. The clear films’ strength comes from its thickness – 92 microns. While it is thick, it still has “exceptional” clarity, says the company, which allows printed branding on a wet wipe pack to show through. The film also has a special print and adhesive receptive coating to ensure high-quality print performance.
19 Jun 2018 --- Targeted at busy millennials who “prefer to consume healthily on-the-go,” Pfanner’s Supersafte range of lifestyle juices are packaged in SIG’s innovative carton bottle combidome 500ml, which is optimized to be consumed on the move. The companies state that the new range of drinks tap into the millennial market even further through their transparent marketing and sustainable status.
19 Jun 2018 --- Tapping into a space opened up by “millennial parents” who want nutritious food for their infants, with an environmentally-friendly seal of appeal, is Raised Real. The California start-up offers an innovative baby food meal-kit delivery solution, touting nutritionally balanced meals and an innovative freeze-cooling packaging system. Speaking to Santiago Merea, CEO and co-founder, Steven Kontz, co-founder and CFO and Benish Shah, VP of Marketing, NutritionInsight looks into how the company is minimizing food waste while maximizing nutrition and protecting the environment through packaging choices.

Picobrew Gives Pico U Kickstarter Backers Endless Brewing Possibilities With Diy Picopaks

30 May 2018 --- PicoBrew announced an exciting add-on item for backers of its Pico U Kickstarter campaign: Add Your Own Ingredients Kit that allow users to fill PicoPaks with their own custom ingredients, set a custom brewing cycle, and brew their creations on the new Pico U, as well as existing Pico Model C, and Pico Proappliances.
29 May 2018 --- Rising demand for more environmentally-responsible consumer products is driving innovation in biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions. Public concern for the environmental impact of everyday packaging materials – particularly plastics – has intensified, creating market opportunities for creative, forward-thinking and sometimes entirely unusual biodegradable/compostable packaging.

Herbert Adams Relaunch

23 May 2018 --- Herbert Adams is not predictable freezer aisle pie. The century-old pie maker is drawing from ingredients and experience to deploy a national TV, print and outdoor campaign that launched this June 2018.
16 May 2018 --- Stora Enso is set to launch its wood-based biocomposites product family, DuraSense, which offers a viable alternative to plastics. This is another major step on the group’s journey to replacing fossil-based materials with renewable solutions. DuraSense is available to companies seeking high performance and a sustainable, bio-based alternative to plastics.