SIG’s Heat&Go microwaveable carton to premiere on Seoul soy milk drink

SIG’s Heat&Go microwaveable carton to premiere on Seoul soy milk drink

08 Aug 2018 --- SIG’s new Heat&Go carton has found its first customer in South Korea’s Seoul Dairy Cooperative (SDC) who will be using the microwavable pack to launch their “Achimae” Soymilk (meaning Morning Soymilk). The product is a nutritionally-rich, morning soy milk drink with chickpea protein, designed to be served as a warm, on-the-go breakfast.

Click to EnlargeThe Heat&Go pack is a microwaveable aseptic carton designed specifically for on-the-go consumption of liquid dairy, non-carbonated soft drinks and broth with low viscosity products. It is aluminum-free and can be heated in a microwave, either in a vending machine, store, café, home or office. SIG cite the rising consumer trend for hot drinks that can be consumed on-the-go – particularly in Asia – as the inspiration behind the design. The carton was originally unveiled in July.

SDC point to the increasing demand for healthy on-the-go food and beverage products in Asia – particularly for morning consumption – as the logic behind the launch. The growth in vending walls and the use of microwaves in home and office indicate the potential of this rapidly evolving market.

Consumers in Asia prefer hot drinks when it is cold outside, especially when they are out and about. While many such drinks are bought from cafés and convenience stores, this packaging innovation opens up a new channel for hot vending and using microwave ovens in the workplace.

The morning chickpea drink, containing a blend of soy milk, fruit and vegetables, is currently sold online through home shopping channels and is now expanding into grocery and convenience stores. It delivers high protein content with chickpeas, soymilk, cabbage, tomato, broccoli, carrot, apple and banana, blended together in a convenient 200ml Combibloc Mini microwaveable pack.

Young Lee, Head of beverage marketing team at Seoul Dairy Cooperative, says: “Consumers today are looking for on-the-go convenience. The Heat&Go pack from SIG opens up new avenues of innovation and helps us market Click to Enlargepremium nutritional beverages such as our Morning Chickpea drink for new occasions and through new channels.”

The carton can be heated up to 60°C although most drinks taste best at around 50°C. A fail-safe mechanism has been incorporated into the package so that if the product was overheated in the microwave, excess pressure would be released with the gradual opening of the top seal preventing sudden ruptures.

Beverages can be filled in Heat&Go carton packs on standard SIG filling machines with a simple upgrade so that the filler can run standard and aluminum-free material interchangeably.

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