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Foodservice Packaging Trends

20 Oct 2021

Foodservice hygiene and circularity standards have been raised by the COVID-19 experience and growing environmental sustainability concerns. Innova Market Insights investigates how consumer perceptions, industry NPD and policy changes are driving change in this segment.

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22 Sep 2021 | Innova Market Insights

With a steady growth in snack F&B launches, industry continues to rely on plastic as its main source of packaging material. However, innovations to improve environmental sustainability, such as lightweighting, compostability and use of recycled plastics, is on the rise. Innova Market Insights investigates... Read More

01 Aug 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Plastic use in plant-based alternative F&B products remains high despite many consumers considering these products environmentally friendly. A sharp rise in these products, particularly meat substitutes, has hit the market in recent years. Industry disputes and consumer perceptions have hampered progress,... Read More

30 Jun 2021 | Innova Market Insights

The cereal market is experiencing steady NPD growth, with plastic remaining the dominant packaging material. Meanwhile, packets have become the leading format, gaining market share previously held by conventional cereal boxes. Cereal boxes are still the second most popular format, followed by pouches, tubs... Read More

02 Jun 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Hot drinks packaging is rapidly turning eco-conscious, with industry introducing environmentally sustainable materials and designs. Plastic usage continues to gain ground despite category product launches falling slightly last year. Innova Market Insights explores this niche packaging market, from home... Read More

21 May 2021 | Innova Market Insights

As the dessert and ice cream segments experience steady growth, producers are increasingly looking to fossil fuel-based plastic alternatives, including fiber-based, bio-based and recycled solutions.

07 Apr 2021 | Innova Market Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the packaging landscape rapidly, bringing e-commerce and home delivery to the fore. This has opened up opportunities for innovation in environmental sustainability, shelf-life preservation and design convenience. Innova Market Insights looks at the key trends in consumer... Read More

26 Mar 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Bottles continue to dominate the beverage packaging category with 56 percent share in launches in 2020 (Innova Market Insights). However, aluminum can launches have doubled since 2016 to 22 percent. Meanwhile, glass remains the most popular beverage packaging material with 34 percent share in launches (2020).

26 Feb 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Plastics continue to dominate the confectionery landscape, with nearly two-thirds of global launches choosing the material. Meanwhile, packets remain the most popular format, representing half of global launches. However, paper alternatives are gaining ground with almost 10 percent share and some big brand... Read More

28 Jan 2021 | Innova Market Insights

Baby & toddler product launches are growing year on year and plastic remains the category’s dominant packaging material, according to Innova Market Insights. As many as one in two product launches use plastic as a packaging material while one in four products are held in packets. Innovation in consumer... Read More

01 Dec 2020 | Innova Market Insights

According to Innova Market Insights, nearly 3 in 4 bakery launches are held in packets, with the market share of packets continuing to rise. Moreover, consumer and regulatory demand for more eco-friendly packaging solutions is spurring increased use of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics and... Read More

01 Nov 2020 | Innova Market Insights

According to Innova Market Insights, plastics packaging is remaining prevalent in the snacking category with approximately 88% market share, followed by carton with 6.5% share (2019). Nearly 2 in 5 snack launches are held in packets. Meanwhile, approximately 40% of compostable packaging launches are in... Read More

02 Oct 2020 | Innova Market Insights

As the paper in, plastics out trend gathers pace, increasingly sophisticated paper-based alternatives have propelled meat products to the position of fastest-growing category for paper packaging new product launches, according to Innova Market Insights. Meanwhile, incessant growth in online retail channels... Read More

25 Aug 2020 | Innova Market Insights

FMCG plastics packaging is increasingly incorporating recycled content into new solutions, driven by more demanding regulations and consumer expectations. A growing number of drinks brands have hit the 100 percent recycled milestone, with other formats, such as containers and trays, following the lead.... Read More

08 Jul 2020 | Innova Market Inights

The expanding global RTD beverage market continues to produce disruptive market entries boasting innovative packaging concepts, such as sugar cane bottles, interlocking cans and push-cap technology. Plastics remain the most commonly used material with PET recording a 1.7 percent market share increase... Read More

27 May 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Plastics package more than half of desserts and ice cream launches, according to Innova Market Insights. Tubs, trays and wrappers remain the most prominent packaging formats in the category. Meanwhile, pioneering brands are exploring recyclable materials and bio-based alternatives as the global war on... Read More

11 May 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights identifies that more than 90 percent of meat product launches are packaged in plastic. Trays and packets are the most commonly used packaging formats for meat products. However, paper-based alternatives are increasing in number and sophistication as anti-single-use plastic sentiment... Read More

06 Apr 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights reports steady growth in the glass packaging category, while 3 in 5 food and beverage launches tracked with glass as a material are bottles (Global, 2018). Glass mills remain the fastest growing packaging type. Also, reusable claims within glass packaging rise sharply and connective... Read More