14 May 2019
--- Renewable packaging specialist Stora Enso is readying to launch a new paperboard which can be used to produce paper cups for hot and cold drinks, as well as ice cream, without the need for a traditional plastic coating... Read More
13 May 2019
--- By the end of the year, across six countries, Arla Foods will make 600 million fresh milk cartons renewable and 560 million yogurt pots recyclable, cutting 7,330 tons of carbon in the process. The new packaging options will... Read More
13 May 2019
--- Sealpac has launched its latest addition to the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) market: the eTray. The new product is a cardboard tray with a plastic inlay that contains up to 40 percent less plastic compared to common... Read More
09 May 2019
--- Bormioli Pharma has unveiled a new range of sustainable packaging solutions for the nutraceutical industry, spanning from bio-based solutions to fully recyclable options. The company launched the selection at Vitafoods... Read More
02 May 2019
--- GEA is expanding its aseptic D-tec range with a new double-seat valve which can increase the hygiene levels, and therefore the shelf-life, of beverages and dairy products. The valve – D-tec D/DV double-chamber valve... Read More
02 May 2019
--- Robot-based packaging machine specialist Schubert has developed a special pre-grouping system for cheese producer and supplier Jermi, which has allowed the company to up its packaging speeds to 270 products per minute. To... Read More
01 May 2019
--- The NanoPack project has reported significant advancements in the shelf-life and quality extension of a range of foods when packaged in nano-active materials. Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 scheme, the project aims to... Read More
01 May 2019
--- US-based global flexible packaging specialist ProAmpac will be unveiling its two newest additions to its portfolio of greener packaging solutions – Signature Surfaces ProActive Recyclable Paper Touch coatings and... Read More
30 Apr 2019
--- Government initiatives around food safety, pressures to reduce plastic packaging waste and high rates of adulteration in the alcohol market are some of the key factors driving expansion in the aseptic packaging market in... Read More
29 Apr 2019
--- This year Veolia’s London Marathon clean up delivered a “personal best” for recycling, with over 350,000 plastic bottles collected for reprocessing, and seeing the streets in the City of London, Westminster... Read More
26 Apr 2019
--- The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has doubled down on its 2005 and 2017 decisions to allow the potentially hazardous chemical perchlorate to be added to dry food packaging. Perchlorate is present in plastics used to... Read More
23 Apr 2019
--- Healthy fast food company BOL has teamed up with Bradford-based The Label Makers to revamp the packaging of its soup, salad and vegetable pot range. Previously using flexo printed labels, BOL has made the move to The Label... Read More
23 Apr 2019
--- Meal kit services, which deliver a box of pre-portioned ingredients and a chef-selected recipe to your door, have earned a bad environmental reputation due to perceived packaging waste. Contrarily, a new study from... Read More
19 Apr 2019
--- Besides strengthening brand identity, seasonal packaging can help to boost sales and outshine competitors. With Easter just around the corner, several confectionery brands launched limited edition offerings with... Read More
18 Apr 2019
--- In response to the growing demand for transparent dairy packaging in Latin America, Amcor has developed clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles that have no strips and resemble glass in appearance. Designed for... Read More
17 Apr 2019
--- Schubert has adapted its TLM packaging line for Polish confectioner Mieszko’s filled pralines, which automates both the pre-sorting and packaging processes. The German machinery specialist designed a unique vibration... Read More
12 Apr 2019
--- SIG has received recognition in the EU as a supplier of the industry’s first aseptic carton packs manufactured with foil certified to the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) standard at the corporate level, together... Read More
10 Apr 2019
--- Seattle-based start-up StixFresh has developed a sticker that can keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to two weeks longer than usual. When applied to the fruit, the all-natural compound contained on the sticker creates a... Read More
28 Mar 2019
--- Yakult Europe has commissioned Schubert to develop a machine for its transition from plastic film to cardboard secondary packaging. The Yakult plant has also increased its production capacity with the new Schubert machine... Read More
28 Mar 2019
--- Kabuto Noodles has commissioned London-based creative agency B&B to revamp the packaging of its new children’s range of pot noodles. The redesign is introducing shorter noodles delivered in brightly-hued,... Read More