24 May 2024
--- A collaboration between researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Yonsei University has created a novel “high-performance, sustainable” paper coating material designed to... Read More
15 May 2024
--- BlueAlp, a Netherlands-based advanced recycling technology company, has signed an agreement with Recupero Etico Sostenibile (RES), a waste management specialist, to build Italy’s first industrial-scale advanced... Read More
13 May 2024
--- Colpac has expanded its selection of recyclable multi-food pots, adding a natural kraft 950 mL pot to complete its UK-manufactured range. The company has launched a kraft pot with a separate recycled PET (rPET) lid as part... Read More
13 May 2024
--- The European Parliament’s (EP) vote on the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) is threatening fresh food safety and standardized regulations throughout the bloc, according to the chief science... Read More
08 May 2024
--- Meat and fish packaging is one of the most important and carefully regulated areas of the industry, as research suggests almost half of global protein supplies come from animal sources. Product protection and shelf life are... Read More
07 May 2024
--- Following the recent close of the penultimate negotiation round for a UN global plastics treaty (INC-4) in Canada, Unilever CEO Hein Schumacher says national rules will not suffice to unite the world’s current... Read More
25 Apr 2024
--- The European Parliament officially endorsed the provisional agreement on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) yesterday, drawing a mix of concerns and support from the industry. The legislation includes... Read More
22 Apr 2024
--- Sweden-based food technology company Saveggy has raised €1.76 million (US$1.87 million) to launch its plant-based packaging alternative for fresh fruit and vegetables at an industrial scale. The investment round was led... Read More
17 Apr 2024
--- According to Innova Market Insights, bakery product launches rose 1% from 2019-2023, during which time Europe was the leading region for innovation, accounting for 35% of new launches. Plastic remains the most commonly used... Read More
11 Apr 2024
--- Berry Global has released a white paper outlining its “breakthrough” technology in PE Cling Film. The technology is said to be the solution to finding a recyclable alternative to traditional polyvinyl chloride... Read More
25 Mar 2024
--- The majority (80%) of consumers are not familiar with “forever chemicals” and the term PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), according to a survey by Sapio Research, conducted on behalf of Celebration... Read More
22 Mar 2024
--- Krones subsidiary Milkron is presenting its new proprietary membrane filtration systems at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany. The membrane filtration systems are designed to cater to various applications, from traditional... Read More
21 Mar 2024
--- New research has revealed that 90% of the PFAS chemicals in food packaging are not included in any regulatory or industry inventories used during chemical manufacturing. The findings also show that hazard data is available... Read More
21 Mar 2024
--- At the ongoing Anuga FoodTec 2024 in Cologne, Germany, Food Ingredients First speaks to Tatjana Krampitz, head of new food technology management at GEA, about the company’s innovative perfusion technology and how it... Read More
21 Mar 2024
--- UPM Specialty Papers and Fazer have collaborated on a new type of packaging for Fazer’s Oat Rice Pies, which replaces traditional plastic-laminated paper with a fiber-based paper solution. As a result of more than two... Read More
19 Mar 2024
--- Under the banner “Go sustainable,” Sealpac is presenting contemporary solutions aimed at reducing material usage and energy consumption while maintaining high efficiency and performance at the ongoing trade event... Read More
15 Mar 2024
--- Anuga FoodTec is opening its doors to visitors in Cologne, Germany, next week (March 19–22). Exhibitors will showcase their latest solutions addressing this year’s main theme: How can food production be geared... Read More
14 Mar 2024
--- Mars has announced a new collaboration with US-based engineering software giant Ansys to adopt simulation software that can “reimagine the packaging innovation process” at Mars through digital means. According to... Read More
06 Mar 2024
--- DS Smith is launching its DryPack seafood box in North America, replacing non-recyclable expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam boxes. DS Smith’s DryPack is a no-leak, water-resistant and recyclable box that, when packed with... Read More
05 Mar 2024
--- Südpack has introduced a certified recyclable film designed for the in-house production of food pouches, which is also suitable for hot filling and pasteurization. The film is for creating stand-up pouches with spouts... Read More