20 Feb 2024
--- Carlsberg is implementing an action roadmap with aluminum packager Ball, designed to drive sustainability progress. Lightweighting to reduce material use and cut carbon emissions is one aspect of this roadmap. The companies... Read More
15 Feb 2024
--- Owens-Illinois Glass (O-I Glass) has unveiled the Estampe wine bottle for the French market. The bottle, weighing approximately 390 g, is “well below” the average weight of typical wine bottles. This reduction in... Read More
05 Feb 2024
--- Starbucks has unveiled new packaging for its Colombia Nariño Whole Bean Coffee to mark its ten-year anniversary in the Colombian market with business partner Alse. The colorful wrapping pays tribute to... Read More
05 Feb 2024
--- Ardagh Metal Packaging-Europe is collaborating with Britvic Soft Drinks and using the “Highend” design for a line of new Tango Mango cans. The can, featuring a combination of the Tango brand and Ardagh’s... Read More
24 Jan 2024
--- Danish company Too Good To Go has unveiled an AI-powered solution that helps supermarkets verify the expiry date of food products and reduce the number of expired products on shelves. The digitized process is pegged as... Read More
22 Jan 2024
--- Tomra is trialing a new DRS system in Aarhus, Denmark, intended to enable a shift from single-use to reusable takeaway packaging. The scheme is designed as an open system, where packaging from different providers can be... Read More
19 Jan 2024
--- Netherlands-based start-up Botte Up, seeking to replace single-use plastic bottles with reusable bioplastic alternatives, is battling cost competition from traditional fossil-based packaging, shifting international... Read More
16 Jan 2024
--- Tetra Pak has entered a collaboration with Absolicon, a Swedish solar thermal company, to offer a standardized solution for industrial equipment powered by renewable thermal energy. Due to the performance and scalability of... Read More
11 Jan 2024
--- The German plastic tax is postponed until 2025. Plastics industry associations are reacting with mixed responses, supporting the delay to refine tax details and condemning it due to the continued lack of addressing... Read More
10 Jan 2024
--- Demand for recyclable monomaterial options is increasing as regulations on packaging become more stringent, and a rise in out-of-home consumption is following the relaxation of COVID-19 pandemic regulations, according to... Read More
10 Jan 2024
--- Tropicana is launching a limited-edition packaging branded “Tropcn,” — with the letters “AI” removed from its name to highlight the orange juice brand’s natural ingredients, stating that... Read More
08 Jan 2024
--- Aluminum demand is forecast to rise by 40% by 2030. European packagers are calling on the EU to ensure essential policy changes are enacted to protect the sector’s financial and environmental sustainability, as... Read More
21 Dec 2023
--- Finland-based scale-up company Paptic says its continued supply of fiber-based wine packaging is boosting holiday sales in the Christmas period. The company’s wine gift bags use 30% less material than typical wine... Read More
13 Dec 2023
--- Packaging for alcoholic beverages has long been associated with two materials and one shape — glass and aluminum, in a round container — usually a bottle or can. However, with the push for ecological products and... Read More
04 Dec 2023
--- Eco Spirits is partnering with Diageo, the maker of Johnnie Walker whisky, Don Julio tequila and Guinness, to establish a framework for piloting and scaling packaging across 18 markets in the next three years. The Eco... Read More
01 Dec 2023
--- US-based food rating company How Good is partnering with SES-imagotag, a global specialist in electronic shelf tags and IoT solutions, to provide environmental sustainability labels for Carrefour supermarket products... Read More
23 Nov 2023
--- Südpack is expanding its range of SPQ (sustainable print quality) technology to include rotogravure printing (engraving images onto packs), which reduces ink and solvent consumption while optimizing print quality. The... Read More
20 Nov 2023
--- Romania is introducing a deposit-refund scheme (DRS) for beverage bottles at the end of this month. The day-to-day system that drives the country’s ecological transition is said to be “perfectly in tune”... Read More
17 Nov 2023
--- Next week, MEPs will cast their plenary votes on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). The vote will have a substantial impact on the EU’s economy and environment and the industry’s future. The... Read More
15 Nov 2023
--- As one of Europe’s largest exporters of bottled water, the Italian mineral water industry is expected to grow over the next five years, boosted by Italians reportedly consuming more bottled water per capita than any... Read More