21 Apr 2021
--- Unilever’s Home Care division is partnering with LanzaTech and India Glycols to produce a surfactant for its cleaning products made from captured and recycled carbon industrial emissions, instead of fossil-fuel carbon.... Read More
14 Apr 2021
--- Ahead of the Rethinking Materials virtual summit (19-20 May), PackagingInsights sits down with Hugo Menilo, Unilever’s global foods packaging director and a speaker at the event, to discuss the consumer goods... Read More
24 Mar 2021
--- Zero waste cleaning brand Cleancult is launching its first Foaming Hand Sanitizer in an innovative refill system, featuring a shatter-resistant glass bottle which is refilled. The refills come in recyclable, paper-based milk... Read More
23 Mar 2021
--- Avery Dennison is launching, a digital venture bridging the physical and digital worlds. is a connected product cloud: an end-to-end platform capable of creating, assigning and managing unique digital... Read More
23 Mar 2021
--- Cleaning products company Jaws is releasing a concentrated cleaning solution in a patented, child-resistant cartridge-based system that is also refillable. The product works in three steps. First, consumers must fill the... Read More
09 Mar 2021
--- Toppan Printing (Toppan) has combined “supercritical fluid” and its original molding technology to develop an ultra-thin-walled container roughly 30 percent thinner than conventional injection molded plastic. The... Read More
04 Mar 2021
--- Greiner Packaging is releasing a refill bottle for liquid sprays, such as household cleaning products. The bottle can be used for multiple refill doses and replace four conventional spray bottles and trigger sprayers for... Read More
02 Mar 2021
--- Lindal Group is partnering with Alternative Packaging Solutions (APS) to develop a globally patented continuous dispensing system called miniMist. The solution is a reusable dispensing system which is applied onto a screw... Read More
12 Feb 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Graphic Packaging International (GPI) launched a paperboard packaging range that protects and preserves fresh produce at a time of heightened hygiene concern, and joined the Ellen MacArthur... Read More
09 Dec 2020
--- Amid COVID-19 pandemic health concerns and global climate change, both cleaning and sustainability are top of mind for many households. Minimalist laundry detergent brand Dropps is responding to these trends by updating its... Read More
11 Nov 2020
--- China-based laundry brand Liby is adopting Dow’s Innate TF PE Resins for Tenter Frame Biaxial Orientation (TF-BOPE) to enable recyclability in its new laundry pods. Packaging manufacturer Fujian Kaida is designing the... Read More
20 Oct 2020
--- Aerosol dispensing experts Lindal Group is launching a spray cap branded Teo. The cap boasts a “universal” design, making it suitable for both personal care and home care applications.
30 Sep 2020
--- Borealis and Menshen, a plastic closures and packaging systems specialist, are collaborating on a ten closure series based on Borcycle. Borcycle is an evolving recycling technology that transforms polyolefin-based waste... Read More
09 Sep 2020
--- The Jokey Group is now offering plastic packaging certified according to ISCC PLUS. The certificate attests to the use and traceability of recycled materials on a mass balance basis.
02 Sep 2020
--- Unilever has revealed plans to transfer 100 percent of the carbon derived from fossil fuels in its cleaning and laundry product formulations to renewable or recycled carbon. The transition away from fossil fuel-derived... Read More
09 Jul 2020
--- Consumer goods company Henkel has introduced a 50 percent post-consumer recycled polyethylene (r-PE) bottle for its Pro Nature toilet cleaner range. Greiner Packaging is one of Henkel’s suppliers for the extrusion blow... Read More
08 Jul 2020
--- Plastic cannot be replaced but it can be redesigned, affirms Woodly, the innovators behind a new type of plastic derived from softwood cellulose that mimics the functionalities of conventional fossil-based plastics. Woodly... Read More
25 Jun 2020
--- International manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging Jokey and renewable and recycled materials supplier Neste have partnered to develop the market for environmentally sustainable rigid packaging for food and non-food... Read More
01 Jun 2020
--- UPM Raflatac has released a new polyethylene (PE) film label to complement its range of environmentally sustainable film labeling solutions. UPM Raflatac Forest Film PE is made from the upcycled residue from paper pulp... Read More
26 May 2020
--- Packaging and décor materials player Toppan Printing has developed a paper tube-pouch that reduces the use of plastic in cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceuticals by over 50 percent. Moreover, the paper-based... Read More