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25 May 2023
--- Plastics are inherently incompatible with a circular economy, finds Greenpeace in its latest report. However, the American Chemistry Council has hit back, claiming the NGO’s proposal to eliminate instead of recycle... Read More
23 May 2023
--- Ahead of the UN’s second International Negotiating Committee (INC-2) on establishing a global plastic pollution treaty, German investigative journalists Benedict Wermter and Jacqueline Goebel have published a book... Read More
22 May 2023
--- Civil societies, academics and frontline groups are expressing concern over a new United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report, which promotes burning plastic waste in cement kilns as a key strategy in the design and... Read More
22 May 2023
--- Researchers from the University of Vienna, Austria, have revealed that microplastics might enter human brains after surveilling mice’s reaction to ingesting microplastics. The researchers performed short-term studies... Read More
19 May 2023
--- Henkel has opened its Technology Center in Bridgewater, US, presenting the company’s full technology portfolio of adhesives, sealants, functional coatings and specialty materials. The center is also said to support... Read More
17 May 2023
--- Rethinking Materials Innovation and Investment Summit delegates are currently meeting and collaborating in London, UK, to discuss the scaling of materials innovation for decarbonization and a circular economy. While the... Read More
16 May 2023
--- US-based company ecoSpears has created a remediation solution developed by NASA scientists for eliminating polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) chemicals. The methodology was... Read More
15 May 2023
--- Metsä Board and Finnish circular economy company, Soilfood are reusing fiber waste to improve soil quality by recycling wood fiber nutrients back into soil, which stores the fiber wood carbon. Soilfood produces... Read More
12 May 2023
--- Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) has published a study examining the consequences of different approaches to allocating recycled content in plastic. The study finds that proportional allocation has the greatest potential for... Read More
10 May 2023
--- US researcher Dr. Zhijian Pei of Texas A&M University has received US$3 million from the National Science Foundation manufacturing grant to investigate substituting petroleum-based plastics or natural wood products with... Read More
09 May 2023
--- Plastic recycling facilities (PRF) could be a significant source of microplastic pollution in public water streams, according to a new study by researchers from the UK, Canada and New Zealand. The study authors say there is... Read More
08 May 2023
--- Antares Vision Group is highlighting its Microwave technology for detecting foreign objects in F&B products to ensure food safety at Interpack 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Microwave was jointly developed with... Read More
04 May 2023
--- A recent study has revealed a catalyst-free, far-from-equilibrium thermochemical depolymerization method that can generate monomers from commodity plastics PP and PET through pyrolysis. The study describes depolymerization... Read More
27 Apr 2023
--- Despite consumers wanting to make environmentally friendly product choices, researchers at Tilburg University, Netherlands, have found that consumer perceptions of product packaging often deviate from the objective reality.... Read More
27 Apr 2023
--- ChemSec has released a report that maps the extensive use of “forever chemicals” (PFAS) in the electronics industry, focusing on the chemicals’ presence in electronic devices, semiconductors and their... Read More
25 Apr 2023
--- Incoming Greiner Packaging CEO Beatrix Praeceptor is witnessing a mindset shift in packaging that she believes could pave the way for a more promising future regarding gender inclusion in the historically male-dominated... Read More
20 Apr 2023
--- Researchers from The University of Sydney, Australia, have utilized two strains of fungi found in soils to break down PP plastic to find an alternative solution for the material’s low recycling rate. “Plastic... Read More
18 Apr 2023
--- Sweden-based Blue Ocean Closures, Swed-jam and the Research Institutes of Sweden are partnering in a research project to replace metal lids with fiber-based alternatives. The project is funded by Vinnova’s... Read More
17 Apr 2023
--- Chinese researchers at Tsinghua University, Beijing, have found plastic films chemically bonded to rocks, marking a discovery of a new type of plastic material in the environment. Deyi Hou, one of the study’s authors... Read More
14 Apr 2023
--- US researchers have created a sturdy, lightweight material from sugar and wood-derived powders to replace single-use plastics. The material breaks down naturally in water. The scientists used a rigid material designed from... Read More