18 Jul 2024
--- Compostable packaging streams in the US are widely contaminated by look-alike single-use plastics, hindering the expansion of infrastructure and mitigation of the industry’s environmental footprint, according to a new... Read More
17 Jul 2024
--- Greiner Packaging and Constantia Flexibles are partnering to launch a fully home compostable coffee capsule solution. Greiner Packaging will supply the capsule’s body, while Constantia Flexibles will provide its... Read More
16 Jul 2024
--- Australian ag-tech company Wandarra and German packager Papacks are joining forces to transform the packaging industry across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region by reducing plastic waste. The partnership will leverage... Read More
10 Jul 2024
--- Swedish Bioplastics company Gaia Biomaterials introduces a compostable drinking straw material designed to be stable, rigid and heat-resistant while allowing for the manufacture of sustainable straws for all types of drinks.... Read More
08 Jul 2024
--- Australian-based packaging solutions company Detpak is introducing its Eco-Products range to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The packaging range is made with renewable materials and certified compostable. The portfolio... Read More
01 Jul 2024
--- A new meta-study report has found that unlike non-biodegradable polymers, which will persist and permanently accumulate as nano- or microplastics in the environment, polylactic acid (PLA) will hydrolyze into molecules of... Read More
26 Jun 2024
--- Packaging companies are increasingly turning to bio-based solutions in an effort to avoid fossil-based materials. Recycling infrastructure for bio-based and biodegradable products is being scaled up to meet increasing... Read More
12 Jun 2024
--- In a “landmark move” for the fast-food industry, McDonald’s largest independent franchisee Arcos Dorados Holdings has begun equipping its food packaging with a 100% biodegradable barrier compound made with... Read More
07 Jun 2024
--- This week in industry news, SEE introduced an inflatable packaging system to provide on-demand cushioning and wrapping at the “press of a button.” Meanwhile, Tipa’s home compostable pouches earned a... Read More
05 Jun 2024
--- Consumers increasingly expect clear product labels to improve disposal behavior. A new study titled “Enabling desired disposal of compostable plastic packaging: an evaluation of disposal instruction labels,”... Read More
31 May 2024
--- A survey commissioned by Huhtamaki reveals that most Finns are satisfied with their recycling habits. More than 80% of those questioned say they recycle paper-based packaging, and nine out of ten recycle cardboard boxes.... Read More
29 May 2024
--- Tea bags manufactured using plastic alternatives might not biodegrade and could harm terrestrial species, according to a new study. The study’s authors highlight the need for accurate disposal information to be... Read More
22 May 2024
--- Morrisons is rolling out coffee pod collection points in more than 350 UK stores in partnership with Podback, the pod recycling service. In an effort to make coffee pod recycling easier and accessible nationwide, the rollout... Read More
10 May 2024
--- This week in industry news, Suzano announced its Cerrado Project, the “largest single-line pulp mill in the world,” will be operational in coming weeks. Meanwhile, Amcor worked with personal care company Avon to... Read More
03 May 2024
--- This week in industry news, Sappi future-proofed its mill in Austria to adapt to digitalization and industry 4.0 needs. Meanwhile, SIG launched a spouted pouch system featuring in-line pouch sterilization and Carbios... Read More
29 Apr 2024
--- April began with Century Aluminum planning the first new aluminum smelter in the US in 45 years. Empack was held in the Netherlands, where we reported live from the show floor. Meanwhile, International Paper secured a deal... Read More
25 Apr 2024
--- Eastman and SEE, formerly known as Sealed Air, are launching a compostable, lightweight tray designed to replace conventional polystyrene foam trays in protein packaging that can work on existing, industrial food packaging... Read More
19 Apr 2024
--- The Composting Consortium has released a new study analyzing the disintegration of over 23,000 units of compostable packaging in what it says is the largest known field test of certified, food-contact compostable packaging... Read More
15 Apr 2024
--- After almost five years of planning and research, environmental consultancy expert Paul Foulkes-Arellano and material sciences specialist Dr. Julia Freer Goldstein have published a new book on how industries like packaging... Read More
08 Apr 2024
--- Nature Works, a manufacturer of polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymers made from renewable resources, and IMA Coffee have developed a compostable coffee pod solution compatible with Keurig brewers. The solution targeted at North... Read More