26 Jan 2023
--- The UK Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is planning to roll out a deposit return scheme (DRS) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is set to be introduced in 2025, following extensive work with... Read More
24 Jan 2023
--- Australia’s National Waste Policy Action Plan sets targets of recycling or reusing 80% of the country’s waste by 2030. The plan covers all forms of waste across sectors, from food to “business... Read More
20 Jan 2023
--- This week in industry news, Notch raised US$10 million to help restaurants move all their supply chain payments online, Huhtamaki announced it is hosting an audiocast and teleconference to disclose its 2022 fiscal year and... Read More
19 Jan 2023
--- As the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) is underway in Davos, Switzerland, a report by impact organization Circle Economy and services company Deloitte is calling for a 30% reduction in material extraction worldwide to... Read More
18 Jan 2023
--- Stoli Vodka has released a limited-edition bottle doused in bold, bright colors and messages of inclusivity. The bottle’s purpose is to encourage liberation in the alcohol space by “encouraging authentic artistic... Read More
17 Jan 2023
--- Graphic Packaging International (GPI) is moving its beverage packaging manufacturing operations in Bristol, UK, to a new, state-of-the-art facility nearby. The company states the move is part of its long-term commitment to... Read More
13 Jan 2023
--- This week in industry news, PepsiCo launched refillable glass bottles for its flagship brands to meet the company’s recent targets for reusable products. Meanwhile, Berry Superfos’ facility in La Genête,... Read More
22 Dec 2022
--- As 2022 draws to a close, PackagingInsights looks back at the biggest developments of the year, from the Ukraine war and skyrocketing energy prices to chemical recycling debates and action over waste exportation.... Read More
16 Dec 2022
--- This week in industry news, the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) announced the results of a consumer poll demonstrating growing interest in glass sustainability. Meanwhile, Amcor announced a five-year deal with ExxonMobil to... Read More
14 Dec 2022
--- Alcoholic beverage consumption is on the decline globally, with Innova Market Insights reporting a 4% year-over-year drop in launches between 2021 and 2022. However, as one of the world’s most popular beverage types,... Read More
14 Dec 2022
--- Recoup estimates that a staggering 750,000 metric tons of post-consumer plastic packaging are currently not collected for recycling. The newly launched report has found that over 600,000 metric tons of UK household plastic... Read More
07 Dec 2022
--- Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) has written an open letter to the European Commission (EC) following its recent energy manifesto, with a ten-point plan that the organization says would secure economic prosperity, energy sufficiency,... Read More
28 Nov 2022
--- A report from Defra reveals the amount of packaging waste recycled has barely shifted since 2012 in the UK, only increasing from 61% to 63% over the past ten years.However, recycling for most material categories has risen... Read More
24 Nov 2022
--- A group of leading business representatives and consumer and environmental organizations are calling on the European Commission (EC) not to bow to a recent tide of industry lobbying pressure against planned revisions to the... Read More
15 Nov 2022
--- A group of over 50 European packaging associations across the value chain has released a statement expressing “serious concern” over the European Commission’s revision plans for the Packaging and Packaging... Read More
14 Nov 2022
--- A panel discussion at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) on “capturing opportunities in the materials transition” took place last Friday. The speakers discussed the existence and importance of green... Read More
14 Nov 2022
--- The Egyptian government is launching a global waste initiative dubbed “50 by 2050” that aims to ensure at least half of all African waste is treated and recycled before 2050. Announced at the COP27 climate summit... Read More
09 Nov 2022
--- Absolut Vodka has signed a contract with Ardagh Group to source glass from its upcoming partly hydrogen energy-fired glass furnace at Ardagh’s Limmared facility in Sweden. Once operational, it will reduce the CO2... Read More
08 Nov 2022
--- Verallia, the world’s third-largest producer of glass containers for F&B, has acquired 100% of the capital of Allied Glass, a glass packaging company in the spirits market.The procurement is valued at approximately... Read More
18 Oct 2022
--- The European Commission (EC) is set to capitulate to industry demands that it postpone long-awaited plans to enforce a ban on hazardous chemicals such as PFAS, bisphenol and PVC, according to a draft working document leaked... Read More