policy & regulation

12 Aug 2022
--- Two independent freelance journalists have reported being attacked, threatened with death and having their media equipment confiscated while investigating allegations of illegal recycling operations in an industrial area in... Read More
09 Aug 2022
--- DS Smith has revealed that a generational gap in recycling is emerging in the UK, with older people more confident than younger generations that they understand how to recycle packaging waste. The British multinational... Read More
05 Aug 2022
--- Bericap is exhibiting ClipAside, a tethered cap closure solution providing enhanced user convenience, climate friendliness, and weight and material reductions at the Drinktec trade fair in Munich, Germany, this September.... Read More
05 Aug 2022
--- Recent figures published by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) suggest a “staggering 97%” reduction in single-use plastic bag purchases since the introduction of a carrier... Read More
04 Aug 2022
--- SP Group is launching the “first” high-barrier recyclable, retortable solution for vacuum packing, branded PP HB Ecotop. Consisting of a top film and base web for vacuum packing, the product has been primarily... Read More
04 Aug 2022
--- The UK’s Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) is urging the Scottish government to avoid the systematic destruction of existing packaging stocks after Defra Minister Steve Double signed off the Scottish exemption to... Read More
04 Aug 2022
--- Scientists in South Korea have demonstrated that harmful endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), including phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) found in consumer packaging, may damage the mammalian liver and cause metabolic... Read More
01 Aug 2022
--- Greenpeace has accused global North nations of “colonialism” for exporting toxic and hazardous waste pollutants to global South nations unable to sustainably manage the imported waste. The report suggests that... Read More
29 Jul 2022
--- The Confederation of European Paper Industries (Cepi) is calling for national governments in the EU to mitigate the mounting pressure gas shortages are putting on industry as Russian supplies continue to run short. In a... Read More
26 Jul 2022
--- Legal NGO ClientEarth is taking Belgian authorities to court over last month’s decision to approve chemical group Ineos’ Project One – a massive ethane cracker in the Port of Antwerp that will boost plastic... Read More
25 Jul 2022
--- Smurfit Kappa Gosport in the UK is teaming up with Cotswold Brew to produce Amazon-certified beer packaging for the Hawkstone brand’s e-commerce channels. The beer packaging solution passes strict testing requirements... Read More
22 Jul 2022
--- Hinojosa Packaging Group, a producer of sustainable packaging solutions in Southern Europe, has become the first in the packaging industry to get Aenor accreditation. This distinction is said to honor their commitment to the... Read More
22 Jul 2022
--- As unprecedented heat waves sweep across Europe, putting much of the continent on alert for droughts, experts are warning that the paper packaging industry is inadvertently contributing to one of the most serious impacts of... Read More
20 Jul 2022
--- Marks & Spencer (M&S) is removing best-before dates from over 300 fruit and vegetable products, representing 85% of the UK retailer’s produce offering, to help reduce in-store and household food waste. The... Read More
15 Jul 2022
--- The European Commission (EC) has imposed a fine collectively totaling €31.5 million (US$31.5 million) on metal packaging giants Crown and Silgan for participating in a cartel that broke EU antitrust laws through sales... Read More
13 Jul 2022
--- EU officials currently take over a decade to ban hazardous chemicals from consumer products despite evidence they cause cancer, infertility and other grave health problems. Loopholes, delays and over-analysis mean that... Read More
12 Jul 2022
--- The UK Plastic Packaging Tax is driving industry demand for recycled plastic film products and will be boosted by the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation, according to Coveris’... Read More
07 Jul 2022
--- The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) in the US has welcomed California’s landmark polluter-pays law (SB54) as an opportunity for glass container manufacturers and recyclers to dramatically improve the quality of glass... Read More
04 Jul 2022
--- The Indian government has imposed bans on a wide range of single-use plastic products to combat the nation’s pollution problems, which the UN estimates to contribute to around a third of the world’s 11 million... Read More
01 Jul 2022
--- The US State of California has signed a new “Plastic Pollution Producer Responsibility Act” that will see the US’ most stringent plastic reduction, recycling and infrastructural development funding... Read More