24 Mar 2020
--- Arvid Nilsson, supplier of fastening elements to the construction industry, and packaging material provider BillerudKorsnäs have joined forces to deliver a plastic waste-reducing, water-resistant “eco-box”... Read More
05 Feb 2020
--- Plastics packaging manufacturer Jokey has cooperated with JONAS Farbenwerke paint supplier to provide packaging that consists of 20 percent ocean-based recycled plastics and more than 50 percent post-consumer recyclates. The... Read More
03 May 2019
--- This week in packaging, Amcor revamped Packpyrus, its paper-based base-web pack derived from renewable sources. The new Packpyrus contains 85 percent FSC-certified paper fibers and replaces the previous non-recyclable... Read More
16 Nov 2018
--- The German Packaging Law will come into effect on January 1 and place stricter regulations on packaging, especially in regards to recycling and reuse. KHS is offering FreshSafe PET, which coats PET in glass, allowing the... Read More
11 Jun 2018
--- Scandinavian furniture chain, IKEA, has announced a global commitment to eradicate all single-use plastic products in its range by 2020. The move comes as part of the company’s new People and Planet Positive strategy,... Read More
29 May 2018
--- Rising demand for more environmentally-responsible consumer products is driving innovation in biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions. Public concern for the environmental impact of everyday packaging materials... Read More
28 May 2018
--- Krones AG, manufacturer of filling and packing technology, has purchased the remaining shares in Till GmbH, fully taking over the company. Under the name of Dekron, the group’s subsidiary is now “synergizing the... Read More
25 May 2018
--- Corrugated packaging giant, Smurfit Kappa, has announced the acquisition of Reparenco, a privately owned paper and recycling business in the Netherlands, for a cash consideration of approximately €460 million (US$538... Read More
24 May 2018
--- The official launch of the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics (SPICE) has been announced by the founding companies: L’Oréal and Quantis, a leading environmental sustainability consulting firm. The... Read More
16 May 2018
--- Stora Enso is set to launch its wood-based biocomposites product family, DuraSense, which offers a viable alternative to plastics. This is another major step on the group’s journey to replacing fossil-based materials... Read More
26 Apr 2018
--- LEGO has announced ambitions to replace single-use disposable plastics and only use recycled or sustainably sourced bio-based materials for all plastic-based packaging as part of the company’s 100 percent... Read More
13 Apr 2018
--- Creative packaging supplier, M&H Plastics, has launched a range of packaging solutions designed for easy-posting through letterboxes. The range is available for both solid and liquid contents, ideal for mail order... Read More
03 Apr 2018
--- Serbian fruit juice producer, Nectar, is raising the level of its technical equipment and production with the purchase of The Innosept Asbofill 711 C from KHS. The line has a capacity of 12,000 bottles per hour and processes... Read More
23 Mar 2018
--- Waste Free Oceans (WFO) has announced a partnership with Henkel to remove plastic waste from oceans and rivers – and transform it into over a million bottles used for the Lovables laundry brand. The collaboration is,... Read More
20 Mar 2018
--- DS Smith – a UK based packaging and paper company – announces that it could recycle up to 2.5 billion coffee cups per year if the British government answers on calls to improve cup collection.
20 Mar 2018
--- A further study has detected the presence of microplastics, originating from textiles used in clothing, carpets and furniture. The fibers, found in the air and in fillets of fish, area 0.25mm to 1mm long, have led the UN... Read More
19 Mar 2018
--- The World Health Organization (WHO) will launch a review off the back of last week’s landmark discovery from New Orb Media of plastic particles in water bottles. The research found that 93 percent of bottles, from... Read More
05 Mar 2018
--- The launch of the world’s first plastic-free food and beverage aisle on March 1, 2018, at organic supermarket Ekoplaza in Amsterdam has made it easier to envisage a plastic-free world. In association with the... Read More
04 Dec 2013
--- Amcor announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire Detmold Flexibles, a privately-owned Australian flexibles packaging business for $50 million. The business will be part of Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific.
01 Apr 2013
--- Quadpack announces that it has acquired Technotraf, pioneering manufacturer of wooden components for beauty packaging. In a strategic move that gives the company its first manufacturing capability, Quadpack will direct... Read More