Technical Papers on Packaging Insights
03 June 2024 | Cama Group
Discover Cama integrated robotic systems in-house: two-axis arms, Delta robots, gripping, and vision systems. Thus we have built up unique skills and technologies. Thanks to this know-how, we can flexibly and creatively respond to our customers’ requests with no comparison in the market.This Technical Paper... Read More
08 April 2024 | A. Hatzopoulos S.A.
Focused on the vision of a better future for our planet, A.HATZOPOULOS S.A. innovates for the development of new packaging solutions that will define the future of flexible packaging. The company has created a new packaging line, X-LOOP™, which takes the topic of packaging sustainability even further,... Read More
18 March 2024 | Mondi Group
Mondi announced its annual eCommerce report results, based on an online survey with 6,000 consumers. The report details overall eCommerce trends, analysis, customer attitudes and how packaging affects their entire experience. The report is based on the desire to provide eCommerce brands with key information... Read More
12 March 2024 | Nexttek
Professor Edward Kosior, CEO and founder of Nextek, a UK-based company specializing in PP recycling, gives his take on how stronger connections between academia and industry can help end Australia’s plastic waste crisis.  
20 October 2023 | PulPac
Kalle Gillgren, chief legal officer at PulPac, discusses the need for greater patents and licensing for packaging technologies, which he says are “criminally underused tools” for increasing the development of more environmentally sustainable solutions.