supply chain

07 Dec 2023
--- The European Council and Parliament have reached a provisional agreement on regulating the Classification, Labelling, and Packaging (CLP) of chemicals. The landmark deal aims to update the existing 2008 EU legislation,... Read More
07 Dec 2023
--- Republic Services has opened a “Polymer Center” in Las Vegas, US, a “first-of-its-kind facility,” which it says will produce over 100 million pounds (453 million kilograms) of recycled plastics each... Read More
06 Dec 2023
--- Supply chain transparency is critical to sourcing quality materials and the packaging products for which they are used. Rising greenwashing legislation and consumer demands continue to drive businesses to give a full account... Read More
05 Dec 2023
--- Apple and Amkor Technology have announced an expanded partnership that will see the development of the largest outsourced advanced packaging facility in the US. Amkor projects to invest US$2 billion toward the new facility... Read More
01 Dec 2023
--- The eighth edition of The Pipeline’s annual “Women Count” report reveals the packaging and containers sector holds 40% women in executive leadership roles. The report analyzes gender parity at the executive... Read More
30 Nov 2023
--- Logipack is participating in an expert meeting forum for beverage supply chain optimization named “logistics lounge” at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany, November 28-30. The logistics launch is a new feature for... Read More
29 Nov 2023
--- Smurfit Kappa is launching its latest “SupplySmart” digital solution, which helps businesses adapt their packaging to increase efficiency and reduce emissions across supply chains. SupplySmart has evolved to... Read More
28 Nov 2023
--- Metsä Board has joined forces with industry leaders to revamp packaging for ice cream cones. The project focused on reimagining the entire value chain, from material production to logistics, resulting in a packaging... Read More
27 Nov 2023
--- In an exclusive interview with Packaging Insights, Coveris’ CEO Christian Kolarik details the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability through its No Waste strategy, aiming to eradicate waste across... Read More
24 Nov 2023
--- This week in packaging, ProAmpac launched its PCR retort pouches, and LyondellBasell made the final investment decision to build its first industrial-scale advanced recycling plant in Germany. Meanwhile, Braskem announced... Read More
22 Nov 2023
--- Returnable packaging can be environmentally and financially competitive with single-use packaging for certain products, a new study from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) released today shows. The study “Unlocking a... Read More
21 Nov 2023
--- The European Commission, Parliament and Council have pledged a blanket ban on all plastic waste exports to non-OECD countries after years of pressure from environmentalists and civil society groups. While the move, which is... Read More
20 Nov 2023
--- The third round of negotiations for the UN’s binding Global Plastics Treaty (INC-3) ended in Nairobi, Kenya, last week, with numerous civil society groups expressing frustration and accusing governments of bowing to... Read More
17 Nov 2023
--- The Quebec Beverage Container Recycling Association (QBCRA)/Consignaction — the local producer responsibility organization — has entered into a long-term agreement with the global reverse vending technology... Read More
16 Nov 2023
--- Research organization Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has released a roadmap for building a leading bioplastics market in Germany. The institute’s research finds that critically missing R&D areas and inadequate legislation... Read More
15 Nov 2023
--- Shifting away from petroleum-derived feedstocks for plastic production toward bio-based feedstocks is of the highest priority to make the polymer industry more environmentally sustainable, according to market researcher... Read More
08 Nov 2023
--- The pallet and palletizing industries are undergoing continuous development to reduce the environmental footprint of packaging supply chains. The topic plays an increasingly important role at robot manufacturer Fanuc.... Read More
03 Nov 2023
--- Israel’s packaging economy is under pressure following the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7. The country’s market, which includes numerous packaging and material tech start-ups, now faces a volatile wartime... Read More
02 Nov 2023
--- UPM Specialty Papers and adhesive tape specialist Lohmann have teamed up to boost paper liner recycling in the tape industry. The collaboration builds on UPM LinerLoop, the company’s closed-loop paper liner recycling... Read More
31 Oct 2023
--- Re Sustainability, Asia’s largest integrated waste management company, and PolyCycl, a chemical recycler of post-consumer plastics, are developing a network of feedstock facilities in India for chemical recycling. The... Read More