design & branding

28 Feb 2024
--- Digital printing offers customization options and shorter lead times for packagers compared to traditional methods such as rotogravure printing. Industry experts, Alessandra Costa, head of innovation at All4Labels and Holger... Read More
16 Feb 2024
--- This week in industry news, Coveris expanded its base in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) by acquiring S&K Label. Furthermore, Carbios and De Smet Engineers & Contractors (DSEC) collaborated to construct the... Read More
14 Feb 2024
--- Giflor is unveiling a multicolor flip-top closure system for the cosmetic and personal care packaging market. The new “Ring” closure, which has a design patent and an innovation patent, contains a circular-shaped... Read More
07 Feb 2024
--- An international report released yesterday by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) uncovered ongoing advancements in plain tobacco packaging worldwide. Currently, 42 countries and territories are moving ahead with plain... Read More
05 Feb 2024
--- Starbucks has unveiled new packaging for its Colombia Nariño Whole Bean Coffee to mark its ten-year anniversary in the Colombian market with business partner Alse. The colorful wrapping pays tribute to... Read More
05 Feb 2024
--- Ardagh Metal Packaging-Europe is collaborating with Britvic Soft Drinks and using the “Highend” design for a line of new Tango Mango cans. The can, featuring a combination of the Tango brand and Ardagh’s... Read More
05 Feb 2024
--- UK-based Aegg Creative Packaging, a glass and recyclable plastic F&B packaging supplier, will launch a new spirit bottle, the Gediz, following the recent launch of its Yenice spirit bottle, at Packaging Innovations... Read More
30 Jan 2024
--- The World Bank has issued a seven-year US$100 million Plastic Waste Reduction-Linked Bond. The bond, aimed at financing projects in Ghana and Indonesia, introduces an innovative approach by tying financial returns to the... Read More
30 Jan 2024
--- Reusable PET bottler Petainer and Hungarian mineral water brand Oonly are releasing the “first ever” refillable PET (refPET) bottle onto the Hungarian market. The bottle is launched within Hungary’s new... Read More
29 Jan 2024
--- The year has begun with national deposit return scheme (DRS) launches, investments in plastic processing, health and sustainability launches, new greenwashing legislation and plastic bans, and delays in other policy areas.... Read More
26 Jan 2024
--- This week in industry news, ProAmpac and Aptar CSP Technologies created a moisture-absorbing technology that eliminates the need for desiccant packets. Meanwhile, Starlinger provided Tanrıkulu with its PET bottle-to-bottle... Read More
24 Jan 2024
--- Connectivity product provider Clearfield has announced the availability of the CraftSmart Fiber Protection Vault. The new design eliminates current supply chain constraints and delivers a reported 300% improvement in... Read More
23 Jan 2024
--- Time is running out for businesses to prepare to implement Ireland’s deposit return scheme (DRS), according to Reconomy, an international circular economy specialist providing sustainability technology, data and... Read More
17 Jan 2024
--- Traditionally viewed for functionality and aesthetics, packaging’s environmental impact is now at the forefront of the industry. Companies are redefining practices to align with sustainability goals, emphasizing... Read More
15 Jan 2024
--- Pantone, the “globally recognized color authority,” announced Pantone 13-1023 Peach Fuzz as the Color of the Year 2024. The “velvety gentle” peach is described as a shade that enriches mind, body and... Read More
11 Jan 2024
--- Filtrona Tapes has enhanced its Supastrip Prism portfolio to ease consumer frustration about difficult-to-open packaging by incorporating holographic designs and features. The augmentation ensures maximum protection and... Read More
10 Jan 2024
--- Tropicana is launching a limited-edition packaging branded “Tropcn,” — with the letters “AI” removed from its name to highlight the orange juice brand’s natural ingredients, stating that... Read More
08 Jan 2024
--- Trillora Packaging Solutions announces a new name and brand redesign following their recent acquisition by Mimir Group. The company delivers strategies and solutions for brands in the apparel, footwear, sporting goods and... Read More
22 Dec 2023
--- This week in industry news, B&B studio equipped Nestlé’s Baci Perugina with a new packaging design for its chocolate and TekniPlex Healthcare acquired medical device manufacturer Seisa Medical. Meanwhile,... Read More
14 Dec 2023
--- Public demand for plastic-free advent calendars is rising, according to DS Smith. Data from the company shows that between 2019 and 2022, production of alternative material versions jumped by over 200%. The company is... Read More