28 Apr 2023
--- This week in packaging, Huhtamaki launched three monomaterial flexible packaging solutions, and ProAmpac opened the Petfood Forum show in Missouri, US. Meanwhile. multiple companies released their 2023 Q1 results. In brief:... Read More
12 Apr 2023
--- Food delivery rose to an all-time high during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to be popular among consumers in the post-pandemic world, according to Jaz Rabadia, global head of responsible business and sustainability at... Read More
10 Apr 2023
--- A sustainability report is the essential tool in communicating corporate social responsibility goals and actions to any organization’s stakeholders, from employees to customers to financial institutions. Increasingly,... Read More
29 Mar 2023
--- Harmful per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been detected in Canadian fast-food packaging – specifically water-and-grease repellent paper alternatives to plastic – for the first time. The researchers... Read More
22 Feb 2023
--- Innova Market Insights has revealed its top packaging trends for 2023, with “Plastics circularization” taking the lead spot. Plastic packaging consumption will continue to grow despite anti-plastic sentiment and... Read More
25 Jan 2023
--- Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) calls on hospitality players to reduce single-use packaging after a pilot scheme saw a huge fall in the use of common disposable items, emissions, and money saved for businesses. The... Read More
23 Jan 2023
--- Researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia, have developed a novel solution for removing the “forever chemicals” PFAS from water – something the study authors say is “urgently... Read More
11 Jan 2023
--- The UK’s Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) says that England’s plan to enforce a ban on single-use plastic cutlery, plates and trays for the hospitality sector is unfair and that there is no scientific... Read More
10 Jan 2023
--- Israel’s newly formed government has pledged to axe the country’s tax on single-use plastics, reportedly in an attempt to appease low-income ultra-Orthodox communities who cannot afford the dishwashing equipment... Read More
09 Jan 2023
--- The British government has confirmed plans to enforce a ban on single-use plastics in England, in line with Scotland and Wales. Items such as disposable plastic cutlery, trays and plates will be outlawed for foodservice... Read More
05 Jan 2023
--- The US state of New York has officially banned the use of PFAS chemicals in food packaging materials. Effective since January 1, the ban is enforced under the Hazardous Packaging Act and applies to any packaging products... Read More
26 Sep 2022
--- ChoosePlanetA is launching The Good Cup, an environmentally sustainable single-use paper cup that eliminates the need for plastic lids. The cup has a foldable built-in lid made from 100% certified home compostable paper and... Read More
30 Aug 2022
--- Lithuanian researchers claim to have developed a takeaway food box that solves all common leakage, cooling and size problems. The team’s new invention is also plastic-free and designed in collaboration with local... Read More
04 Aug 2022
--- The UK’s Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) is urging the Scottish government to avoid the systematic destruction of existing packaging stocks after Defra Minister Steve Double signed off the Scottish exemption to... Read More
27 Jul 2022
--- Robotics are increasingly prevalent in the packaging industry, but there are still many areas where robots and cobots could be introduced to improve productivity and environmental sustainability, according to experts.... Read More
22 Jul 2022
--- As unprecedented heat waves sweep across Europe, putting much of the continent on alert for droughts, experts are warning that the paper packaging industry is inadvertently contributing to one of the most serious impacts of... Read More
01 Jul 2022
--- EcoTensil is introducing its sturdy paperboard utensil in Europe. The US-based company has added its built-in cutlery to Global-C’s EcoFoodBox, enhancing its functionality for a streamlined plastic-free, compostable,... Read More
29 Jun 2022
--- Compostable packaging demand is growing rapidly, but improved collection and recycling infrastructure and clearer product labeling are required to support the market’s expansion and enhance cost-competitiveness. A... Read More
17 Jun 2022
--- Nearly half of McDonald’s shareholders, representing more than US$51 billion in market value, are supporting a resolution requesting that the company establish concrete actions to combat plastic pollution. As You Sow,... Read More
15 Jun 2022
--- The US Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions (HELP) has passed a bipartisan amendment to ban the use of PFAS (perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoroalkyl substances) chemicals in food packaging. The so-called... Read More