18 Jun 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Novolex launched a production line for manufacturing compostable cold beverage cups. Meanwhile, Mondi teamed up with the Italian machine producer ACMI to create a new wrapping system for pallets... Read More
16 Jun 2021
--- The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is calling for the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes to create a circular economy for packaging. Mandatory, fee-based EPR schemes would require industry players... Read More
05 May 2021
--- Ready meal packaging has become a more regular feature in the lives of many consumers contending with COVID-19 community restrictions. While food hoarding will mostly die out post-pandemic, the long-term restaurant delivery... Read More
30 Apr 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Berry Superfos launched a bamboo spoon for on-the-go food, and Celebration Packaging released a recyclable paper cutlery range ahead of the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive, taking effect in... Read More
28 Apr 2021
--- Greiner Packaging is launching recycled PET (rPET) cups for beer and other beverages in response to pubs and restaurants resuming outside service after the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions in Europe. The new plastic beer... Read More
26 Apr 2021
--- With the COVID-19 pandemic exponentially expanding e-commerce, packaging manufacturers and designers are increasingly looking for ways to improve the environmental costs associated with widespread home delivery and posting... Read More
23 Apr 2021
--- US-based Twin Rivers Paper Company is expanding its line of fluorochemical-free (FC-free) and PFAS-free (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances-free) grease-resistant food packaging, branded EcoBarrier. The paper packaging is... Read More
23 Apr 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Unilever brand Hellmann’s transitioned its “squeezy” condiment range to 100 percent recycled PET (rPET) bottles in the UK. Amcor announced a US$10-15 million strategic... Read More
21 Apr 2021
--- Ineos Styrolution and Trinseo have selected Recycling Technologies as their technology partner to develop commercial polystyrene (PS) recycling plants in Europe. The three companies share the same vision of making PS a... Read More
14 Apr 2021
--- Ahead of the Rethinking Materials virtual summit (May 19-20), PackagingInsights sits down with Hugo Menilo, Unilever’s global foods packaging director and a speaker at the event, to discuss the consumer goods... Read More
12 Apr 2021
--- Starbucks is running a two-month reusable beverage cup trial at five stores in Seattle, US, called Borrow a Cup. Customers can pay a US$1 deposit to borrow a refillable beverage cup, with each one estimated to replace up to... Read More
07 Apr 2021
--- E-commerce in the food delivery sector has been exponentially expanded by the COVID-19 pandemic, as identified by Innova Market Insights’ leading packaging trend this year: “Home Delivery Haven.” Extended... Read More
01 Apr 2021
--- The Loop Factory has been awarded exclusive funding from the EU Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator to commercialize its Yangi Dry Forming Technology for fiber-based packaging. The patent-pending technology produces... Read More
17 Mar 2021
--- PulPac, PA Consulting (PA) and Seismic Solutions are partnering to deliver cost-effective, fiber-based alternatives to single-use plastics to global markets, including North America. PulPac – inventor of the novel Dry... Read More
10 Mar 2021
--- US-based World Centric is releasing a collection of certified compostable molded fiber single-use cutlery and serving utensils in the North American market.
25 Feb 2021
--- Huber Group Print Solutions is debuting a barrier coating for protection against water in food and non-food packaging surface printing. The HYDRO-X GA Water Barrier Coating eradicates the need for polyethylene (PE) film... Read More
15 Feb 2021
--- PulPac is entering a strategic partnership with gategroup company deSter to develop and manufacture fiber-based, single-use food packaging for the airline and foodservice industries. PulPac is a Swedish R&D company famed... Read More
29 Jan 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Greiner Packaging and Cardbox Packaging released a smart folding cardboard spoon as the EU transitions from single-use plastic cutlery. Meanwhile, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation introduced five... Read More
26 Jan 2021
--- Sweden-based AR Packaging is strengthening its position in the UK with the acquisition of Firstan Holdings, a pharmaceutical packaging business. The move empowers AR Packaging’s position as a leading provider of... Read More
19 Jan 2021
--- Huhtamaki and Stora Enso are welcoming new scientific evidence finding paper-based single-use products more environmentally responsible than reusable tableware in European quickservice restaurants. The Life Cycle Assessment... Read More