26 Oct 2018 --- Paper and paperboard have witnessed somewhat of a resurgence, fueled by anti-plastic sentiment and a growing global demand for designed-in recyclability. Not only is paper a naturally renewable, recyclable and compostable material, it can also add value to ... Read More
15 Oct 2018 --- Sustainability, widening emerging markets and optimizing packs for on-the-go convenience are some of the market aspects driving Tetra Pak's carton design. At Tetra Pak’s event, Inside Tetra Pak, held last week at its headquarters in Lund, Sweden, ... Read More
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10 Sep 2018 --- Due to a changing pharmaceutical model and pending US legislation requiring drug manufacturers to package opioids using child-resistant/senior-friendly (CR/SF) blister packaging, adherence packaging in the healthcare industry is more important now than ever, ... Read More
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21 Aug 2018 --- The recent months have seen a string of food and beverage heavyweights declare war on single-use plastics – such as straws – with bold eradication targets. There are said to be 8.3 million straws littering our coastlines, but this number is ... Read More
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