fashion & textiles

29 May 2023
--- Avery Dennison has selected BeFC, Moree, Peafowl Plasmonics, Puro Renewables and Stemly as the five winners of its second AD Stretch Accelerator Program cohort. “Avery Dennison aims to foster a start-up mentality of... Read More
25 May 2023
--- Fashion Index has updated its Eco-Friendly Packaging Sourcing Platform allowing fashion companies to find complimentary packaging retailers to support their ecological goals.“Fashion Index was created to unite new and... Read More
19 May 2023
--- The hidden costs of international logistics go beyond the environmental impact, which is a reason in itself to reduce transportation. The European Union Environment Agency states that, between 2000 and 2019, the demand for... Read More
28 Apr 2023
--- Cupshe, a global fashion and beachwear e-tailer, has launched The Recycled Swim Collection, made with a minimum of 20% recycled materials. The release signifies an attempt to help circularize fashion industry production,... Read More
20 Apr 2023
--- The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has opened its global environmental disclosure platform for 2023, allowing companies across sectors to disclose their plastic-related impacts for the first time. The platform allows brands... Read More
17 Apr 2023
--- Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) is calling on EU policymakers to make material recovery and biological treatment (MRBT) of mixed waste mandatory. The organization has found the method is cost-competitive with controversial,... Read More
13 Apr 2023
--- Stella Lee, artist and material designer, has taken to social media to showcase her whimsical shoe designs where instead of using typical leather and rubber materials, she employs leftover packaging from fashion merchandise.... Read More