Expert Views on Packaging Insights
08 December 2021 | Edward Kosior
How can we achieve the circular economy of plastics recycling?By Professor Edward Kosior, Nextek and Nextloopp founder. In this Expert View, leading recycling expert Professor Edward Kosior, founder of Nextek and Nextloopp, shines a light on the circular plastics economy and what needs to be done to enhance... Read More
29 October 2021 | Emma-Jane Batey
How real-time digital tracking is supporting the packaging supply chainBy Emma-Jane Batey, packaging industry journalist. Emma-Jane Batey investigates how real-time digital tracking can optimize the packaging supply chain in the age of “Amazon Prime mentality.” Linking the supply chain, Batey speaks to... Read More
30 September 2021 | Dr. Paul Dunn
Holography heightens shelf appeal and security in consumer packaged good By Dr. Paul Dunn, general secretary at the International Hologram Manufacturers Association. Advanced film coating and manufacturing technologies continue to drive the potential of holograms in the food and beverage, cosmetics and... Read More
26 August 2021 | Neil Farmer
Understanding the growth of the hybrid packaging market By Neil Farmer, founder/owner at Neil Farmer Associates. UK packaging expert Neil Farmer explores the hybrid packaging market’s potential to disrupt many of the packaging industry’s regular trading and business practices. Farmer shines a light on... Read More
15 July 2021 | Jeremy Plimmer
Are connective packaging technologies the solution to brand protection sustainability? By Jeremy Plimmer, editor/publisher at Product & Image Security. In this Expert View, brand security expert Jeremy Plimmer explores how contactless data acquisition technologies on packaging can enable brands to supply a... Read More