Expert Views on Packaging Insights
27 May 2021 | Dr. Ziynet Boz
Gauging the environmental benefits of reusable packaging By Dr. Ziynet Boz, assistant professor of sustainable food systems engineering at the University of Florida, US. Packaging and food systems expert Dr. Ziynet Boz explores the environmental benefits of reusable packaging in relation to single-use... Read More
09 April 2021 | Jeremy Hadall
Why you should consider using robots in your packaging operation By Jeremy Hadall, independent robotics and automation consultant. Robotics and automation expert Jeremy Hadall outlines what robots are and how they can be used in packing and palletizing applications. Hadall explores the various benefits of... Read More
17 March 2021 | Emagine Packaging
Education for a circular packaging future By Richard Coles, FIMMM, Director of Emagine Packaging Ltd. UK packaging expert Richard Coles explores environmental sustainability in packaging as a core business strategy within the emerging circular economy paradigm. He outlines the growing significance of... Read More