Expert Views on Packaging Insights
29 April 2022 | Neil Farmer
The importance of consolidation, rationalization and integration within the global packaging industry By Neil Farmer, founder/owner at Neil Farmer Associates In this Expert View, UK packaging expert Neil Farmer explores how unprecedented events like the Ukraine war and COVID-19 pandemic have impacted global... Read More
09 March 2022 | Dr. Chris DeArmitt
Plastics persecution: It may be fun, but is it fair? By Dr. Chris DeArmitt FIMMM, FRSC, CChem Anti-plastic sentiment is rife, but is it justified? In this Expert View, Dr. Chris DeArmitt, president of Phantom Plastics, argues the demonization of plastic packaging is unfounded and leading us astray from... Read More
12 February 2022 | Edward Kosior
France’s plastic packaging ban on fruit & veg ignores interconnected sustainability challenges By Professor Edward Kosior, founder of Nextek. The initial excitement surrounding the French ban on plastic packaging for large numbers of fruits and vegetables needs to be tempered with a closer look at the wider... Read More
28 January 2022 | Neil Farmer
How globalization and politics are impacting the packaging industry By Neil Farmer, founder/owner at Neil Farmer Associates. The political and economic world of 2021 has been one of great turmoil and confusion. The packaging industry had to contend with global, seismic events, including pandemic-induced... Read More
08 December 2021 | Edward Kosior
How can we achieve the circular economy of plastics recycling? By Professor Edward Kosior, Nextek and Nextloopp founder. In this Expert View, leading recycling expert Professor Edward Kosior, founder of Nextek and Nextloopp, shines a light on the circular plastics economy and what needs to be done to enhance... Read More