Expert Views on Packaging Insights
11 August 2022 | Andrew Palmer
How labels can help meet the demands of complex e-commerce supply chains By Andrew Palmer, director of sales, labels and forms at RRD Brands don’t always consider labels as the first solution for navigating complex e-commerce supply chains. However, strategic labeling is essential to enable the efficient... Read More
14 July 2022 | Peter Matthews
Understanding the long tail of sustainable brand design By Peter Matthews, founder and CEO of Nucleus, an international digital brand agency As the effects of climate change become more violent, design is stepping up to become a crucial tool in the transition from capitalism to eco-capitalism, argues Peter... Read More
28 June 2022 | Joshua Young
How can digital technology help make reusable packaging at scale a reality? By Joshua Young, circular economy lead at PragmatIC Semiconductor Companies are exploring reusable packaging as a way to retain the benefits of plastic while lowering its environmental impact, but a lack of logistic infrastructure... Read More
23 May 2022 | Daniel Saito
How edge computing can help clean up the packaging industry By Daniel Saito, CEO and co-founder at StrongNode As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the packaging industry must adapt to new demands to remain competitive. One way that companies are doing this is by turning to edge computing. In this... Read More
29 April 2022 | Neil Farmer
The importance of consolidation, rationalization and integration within the global packaging industry By Neil Farmer, founder/owner at Neil Farmer Associates In this Expert View, UK packaging expert Neil Farmer explores how unprecedented events like the Ukraine war and COVID-19 pandemic have impacted global... Read More