Connective packaging technologies

Jun 2022

Connective packaging technologies are ways for brands to have consumer interaction and to create transparency. Brands can use connective packaging technologies to enhance transparency by providing additional information regarding the sourcing of ingredients, the supply chain or environmental sustainability efforts.


Ben and Jerrys Climate Just Ice Now Non-Dairy Ice Cream Caramel with Brownie Pieces and a Salted Caramel Swirl (Germany). Plant-based caramel ice cream with caramel (5%), brownie biscuit pieces (10%) and salted caramel sauce (9%). Comes in a 465ml cardboard tub. A salty vegan strain you can't resist and a sweet invitation to join us for climate justice. Because climate change is unfair. The people least responsible for the climate crisis are suffering the most from the consequences. So let's get a just future baked NOW. Scan the QR code and join in!