Recycled packaging trends

Sep 2022

F&B packaging contributes to a large percentage of global waste and pollution. As environmental concerns rise, companies have turned to more eco-friendly packaging solutions. Innova Market Insights has recorded a notable decrease in product launches with single-use plastic packaging. Moreover, companies have not only started changing their packaging materials but also made their environmentally-friendly claims more prominent on-pack.


Alpro Plant Protein Soya Drink (Netherlands) Soy drink with plant protein, in a 1L Tetra Brik Edge Aseptic. Plant-based. Protein boost. Contains 50g protein per pack (10g per 200ml). Nutriscore A.200ml contains 478 kJ or 114 kcal.100ml contains 239 kJ or 57 kcal. Good for you. Added with calcium, vitamins B2, B12 and D. Rich in plant protein. Low in sugars. Free from colors and preservatives. Naturally lactose free. Naturally low in saturated fat. Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass. Alpro's soybeans come from farmers following a quality program without the use of GMOs. UHT treated. Free from dairy and gluten. Made with rainforest free soy. Good for the planet.100% recyclable packaging. Pack made of 89% plant-based materials.100% respectful of the rainforest. Green Dot Certified. V-Label Vegan logo. FSC certified. Buying this Tetra Pak carton helps you care for the world's forests.