What is Packaging Insights?

Packaging Insights is the go-to platform for all packaging related insights, news and developments. We track the latest news, follow the key trends, report on innovations and offer expert analytical insights into a diverse range of categories. We provide a steady stream of daily news, in-depth reports, coverage of significant trade shows and interviews with key players in the industry.

Some of our key areas of focus include:

Processing, machinery and automation

Technological advancements move at a steady rate in the modern day, and it can be challenging to keep up to date with the latest printing, processing or blending techniques. PI reports on relevant technological updates and visits relevant trade shows to report on the most innovative systems.

Material developments & applications

We continuously report on new developments in packaging materials and their applications. For example, ranges of plastic packaging in the market, used in applications from beverage bottles to confectionary packets. Also, carton as a key material, which is being applied more and more in the takeaway food and delivery market, for example.

Flexible packaging

We provide commentary on the full range of discoveries and innovations coming from flexible packaging, which can extend shelf-life, freshness and be cost-effective for manufacturers.

Branding trends

The modern consumer has sophisticated and rapidly evolving tastes which influence what they purchase. Product branding represents a significant component of why a consumer may pick one product, over another.


As a vital trend dominating the packaging world, we keep up to date with the fast-pace of sustainability debates. This includes the development of innovative materials, government initiatives, global campaigns and relevant business news.

Transparency & authenticity

Consumer shifts in shopping and food preference have a significant impact on labeling. For example, the considerable rise of the “clean-label” trend, scanning technologies and the increasing knowledge of shoppers when it comes to reading ingredient lists is something manufacturers can reflect and act upon in their labeling choices. Also, advances in digital printing are becoming ever-more efficient and replicable.

Recycling & biodegradable

On-going debates continue over the best environmentally friendly solutions recyclable or biodegradable materials? We cover this debate from both sides and track how bio-degradable packaging is being courted as a potential to the plastic we use in daily packaging. Materials such as paper, cardboard and starch are undergoing innovative developments and appearing in an increasing amount of applications. We also track developments and statistics on the side of recycling.

Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging must protect not only the product, but also the primary packaging. Common material applications used are cardboard and plastic, for outer layer wraps, tape, boxes and void fill material. We will cover developments within this essential sector.

Category analysis

Focus on packaging and processing developments by food & beverage industry category. For example: what is trending in dairy, juice and alcoholic beverage processing, machinery and packaging?

Plastic pollution analysis

Society is increasingly concerned with the mounting presence of plastics in the environment: from the oceans to bottles of branded drinking water. We keep track of developments in this space, from high-level multilateral agreements, to developments in PET and results of relevant scientific studies.

About CNS Media

At CNS Media we supply information to the global food, nutrition, personal care and packaging industries through our publication, The World of Food Ingredients , and our digital platforms, www.FoodIngredientsFirst.com, www.NutritionInsight.com, www.PackagingInsights.com and www.PersonalCareInsights.com. We are the industry source for news, analysis and insights into these diverse sectors. Key topics of focus include business news, ingredient and product launches, research and development and applications. We are the experts in food design trends, nutrition advances, personal care and packaging innovations.