20 Jul 2021
--- Packaging data specialist Ecoveritas is launching a sophisticated online analysis and reporting tool called Ecoview later this month for brands and retailers requiring a detailed breakdown of their packaging supply chain.... Read More
19 Jul 2021
--- In a US state first, Maine has signed an Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging bill into law. Passing with a 86-57 vote, the LD 1541 bill will require producers of packaged goods that are sold in the state to... Read More
15 Jul 2021
--- Zero Waste Europe is scrutinizing the European Commission’s proposal for the reform of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) regulation because it leaves municipal waste-to-energy (WTE) incinerators out of the scope.... Read More
12 Jul 2021
--- A new paper published by the American Chemical Society is calling for “meaningful action” on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to attenuate the “systematic failures” of US chemical... Read More
07 Jul 2021
--- UK charity Action on Sugar (AoS) is calling on cereal manufacturers to remove child-friendly packaging images from all unhealthy cereals, following an investigation finding 92 percent of children’s breakfast cereals... Read More
05 Jul 2021
--- European Plastics Converters (EuPC) is warning the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive’s (SUPD) legislative processes are creating “an unprecedented fragmentation among EU Member States.” The Directive came... Read More
30 Jun 2021
--- “Never change a running system” has long been the modus operandi for most cereal brands and cereal packaging producers. For decades, the standard box with an inner plastic bag has served to safely and... Read More
28 Jun 2021
--- The quantity, diversity and impact of LGBTQ inclusion on F&B product packaging, advertising and marketing efforts are rapidly changing. Brands that were once concerned about being ostracized for showing support during... Read More
28 Jun 2021
--- Repsol, Axens and IFPEN are partnering to develop the patented Rewind Mix pyrolysis process for chemically recycling plastic waste. The Rewind Mix process purifies plastics pyrolysis oils, allowing direct and undiluted... Read More
27 May 2021
--- Ulma Packaging UK is presenting solutions for minimizing waste and material use in cereal packs by removing excess air. The move comes as leading cereal brand Kellogg’s announces plans to cut 700 tons of carbon from... Read More
26 Feb 2021
--- Innova Market Insights is revealing its Top Packaging Trends 2021 in collaboration with PackagingInsights, with “Home Delivery Haven” identified as the year’s leading trend. As much of the world perseveres... Read More
23 Feb 2021
--- General Mills brand Nature Valley is launching a plastic film wrapper confirmed as Store Drop-Off recyclable by How2Recycle for its Crunchy granola bar. Nature Valley is inviting other brands to share its... Read More
04 Jan 2021
--- The EU-funded Refucoat Project is reporting breakthroughs in recyclable bioplastic food packaging capable of replacing conventional fossil-based raw materials. Refucoat has developed three different bio-based active... Read More
08 Dec 2020
--- “The entire packaging industry needs to change,” Julia Piechotta, co-founder of Germany-based edible cutlery start-up Spoontainable, tells PackagingInsights. Her start-up provides one piece to the jigsaw puzzle... Read More
12 Oct 2020
--- Kellogg’s is partnering with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Co-op supermarket to launch a trial of cereal boxes featuring UK-first technology for blind and partially sighted people. The cereal... Read More
28 Sep 2020
--- General Mills is pledging to reduce its absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30 percent over the next decade and slash food waste in half. The commitment entails a strategic focus on regenerative agriculture and aligns... Read More
15 May 2020
--- Swiss Bühler Group and Canada-based Premier Tech (PT) are evolving their joint venture (JV) in China into a new global partnership for bulk food packaging. The partnership will allow Bühler to either access... Read More
03 Feb 2020
--- Creative agency B&B studio has designed the identity of new gut health-boosting granola brand Bio&Me, co-founded by gut health expert Dr. Megan Rossi, to bring gut health positivity to the fore. The product launch... Read More
28 Aug 2019
--- Swiss Bühler Group and Premier Tech from Canada are to build a design and manufacturing center in China with a focus on industrial flexible packaging solutions. This strategic cooperation is planned to result in a joint... Read More
05 Aug 2019
--- Following an “overwhelmingly positive” response to its bring-your-own packaging trial, dubbed “Unpacked,” Waitrose & Partners is set to extend its packaging-free shopping experience in Oxford, UK,... Read More