hot drinks

29 Jun 2020
--- Packaging design draws inspiration from varied sources such as colors, materials, and more recently, 11th-century Chinese poetry. With this in mind, Beautea, a conceptual tea box design created for a local holiday market... Read More
18 Jun 2020
--- Allpress Espresso has brought compostability-curious and coffee-coveting consumers closer together. The New Zealand-based gourmet coffee chain has released 250 g and 1 kg commercially compostable retail bags. Charlie Cook,... Read More
19 May 2020
--- Nestlé is piloting reusable and refillable dispensers for petcare and soluble coffee as part of its efforts to reduce single-use packaging. The in-store dispensers encourage consumers to bring reusable containers to... Read More
15 May 2020
--- Nespresso has unveiled the first coffee capsules on the market made using 80 percent recycled aluminum in a milestone for the Nestlé Group unit’s circularity ambitions. The capsules were rolled out in March for... Read More
29 Apr 2020
--- Used coffee grounds can be upcycled to serve as a new non-wood source “in large amounts worldwide,” according to new research from Yokohama National University, Japan. The research team found that the amount of... Read More
14 Apr 2020
--- Botanical beverage brand LaDiDa has launched a line of premium oat milk lattes in minimalist, colorful cans to offer consumers a moment of serenity with every sip. The designs were created to reflect the natural ingredients... Read More
18 Mar 2020
--- In celebration of Global Recycling Day (18 March), plant-based compostable packaging specialist Vegware shared news of how it has helped Scottish clients boost recycling through a closed-loop composting collection service.... Read More
08 Jan 2020
--- Reusable and recyclable products brand Lunchskins aims to replace two of the world’s greatest plastic pollutants – the plastic bag and the plastic straw – with its newly launched Plastic-Free Starter Kit.... Read More
13 Dec 2019
--- Coffee is deeply rooted in many cultures and holds the status of the most popular drink worldwide. The more coffee we drink, the more grounds we discard – but what purpose might coffee waste serve post-usage? German... Read More
10 Dec 2019
--- In a bid to explore new and innovative ways to meet its sustainability challenges, Air New Zealand has begun trialing edible coffee cups for its customers in the air and on the ground. Currently serving more than eight... Read More
05 Nov 2019
--- Italian coffee company Lavazza has introduced Eco Caps, a range of compostable coffee capsules, to address consumers’ rising environmental concerns. To ensure that all coffee capsules are responsibly thrown away,... Read More
18 Oct 2019
--- European food packaging producer Flo has launched three new capsule formats to the GEA family that are industrially compostable and fully bio-based. The formats are suitable for Nespresso, Lavazza Blu and Keurig systems, and... Read More
17 Oct 2019
--- Government backing is crucial to slashing plastic pollution by increasing access to reusable options, highlights a report from Break Free From Plastic Europe and the Rethink Plastic alliance. The report centers around... Read More
07 Oct 2019
--- Introducing a charge on disposable coffee cups would be more effective than the widely-used system of offering a discount to customers who bring their own reusable cup. This is according to a study led by Zero Waste... Read More
12 Aug 2019
--- Selecta UK, under Switzerland-headquartered Selecta, a leading European self-serve coffee and convenience food retailer, has announced the launch of the new SelectaGreen Cup Recycling Service “for the workplace and... Read More
05 Aug 2019
--- Following an “overwhelmingly positive” response to its bring-your-own packaging trial, dubbed “Unpacked,” Waitrose & Partners is set to extend its packaging-free shopping experience in Oxford, UK,... Read More
25 Jul 2019
--- Premium coffee brand Nescafé Azera has launched its new UK “visual identity for 2019,” as part of an £8 million (US$10 million) holistic campaign, which is based around the concept of “stay... Read More
18 Jul 2019
--- Finnish paper-based packaging specialist Huhtamaki has launched a new compostable Bioware Impresso double-walled hot cup. Adding to Huhtamaki’s existing Bioware compostable range, this new cup in a mixed sleeve of... Read More
28 Jun 2019
--- Finnish paper-based packaging specialist Huhtamaki has participated in a study to analyze the life-cycle of various types of coffee cups, where it was found that paper cups generally have the lowest carbon footprint.... Read More
20 Jun 2019
--- Pure Leaf has relaunched its premium teas in the UK and the Netherlands with a brand and packaging redesign by London agency PB Creative. The agency was tasked with delivering a packaging overhaul that communicates the... Read More