hot drinks

26 Jul 2021
--- Graphic Packaging International (GPI) is launching a line of non-polyethylene (PE) coated, single-use foodservice cups branded OptiCycle. OptiCycle technology provides an alternative to traditional PE and polylactic acid... Read More
20 Jul 2021
--- Packaging data specialist Ecoveritas is launching a sophisticated online analysis and reporting tool called Ecoview later this month for brands and retailers requiring a detailed breakdown of their packaging supply chain.... Read More
19 Jul 2021
--- McDonald’s is piloting a reusable coffee cup scheme in partnership with TerraCycle’s reusable packaging service, Loop, to reduce single-use waste to landfills. In a global first for the fast-food giant, six... Read More
14 Jul 2021
--- The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is encouraging the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to include retail packaged spices, herbs and tea products in its study of “healthy” claims. Announced in... Read More
06 Jul 2021
--- Lecta is launching EraCup Natural, a recyclable, biodegradable and plastic-free paper-based solution for single-use cups. EraCup Natural is the first product in Lecta’s new range of functional papers, aligned with... Read More
06 Jul 2021
--- The EU Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUPD) may be an ambitious piece of legislation, but it does not go far enough in addressing throwaway culture, according to various environmental organizations. Many NGOs argue banning... Read More
05 Jul 2021
--- European Plastics Converters (EuPC) is warning the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive’s (SUPD) legislative processes are creating “an unprecedented fragmentation among EU Member States.” The Directive came... Read More
02 Jul 2021
--- A Dutch public-private industry collaboration is researching whether water-soluble polymers could make vaporized aluminum in food packaging unnecessary. A thin oxygen-resistant layer of vaporized aluminum is commonly used to... Read More
18 Jun 2021
--- Digital watermarks can increase packaging circularity in “ways that were not possible in the past,” according to plastic packaging specialist Paccor and digital identity technologists Digimarc. The two companies... Read More
09 Jun 2021
--- Starbucks is introducing a reusable Cup-Share program in all of its 3,840 stores in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) by 2025. A Starbucks spokesperson tells PackagingInsights the company aims to “ensure... Read More
02 Jun 2021
--- Hot drinks packaging is a niche market that presents particular difficulties and considerations in the industry-wide quest for enhanced environmental sustainability standards. As with other market segments, a core challenge... Read More
29 Apr 2021
--- NatureWorks, manufacturer of Ingeo PLA biopolymers, has entered a strategic partnership with IMA Coffee to accelerate the North American market for compostable single-serve coffee pods. Speaking with PackagingInsights, Leah... Read More
22 Apr 2021
--- German start-up Cadios has developed a cone-shaped reusable lid for coffee mugs and cups. Called Udo, the lid fits onto most common household cups, enabling consumers to create new use out of existing beverage cups. “A... Read More
19 Apr 2021
--- Paccor is unveiling several new foamed polypropylene (PP) cups with oriented PP (OPP) sleeves for improved shelf life and reduced carbon costs. The company is also launching recycled PET (rPET) solutions and Digimarc barcode... Read More
12 Apr 2021
--- Starbucks is running a two-month reusable beverage cup trial at five stores in Seattle, US, called Borrow a Cup. Customers can pay a US$1 deposit to borrow a refillable beverage cup, with each one estimated to replace up to... Read More
05 Mar 2021
--- Poland-based design agency PG Branding has designed the packaging for keto newcomer Fantasty Food, putting customer drawings – not ingredients – on front-of-pack. Instead of focalizing the product’s... Read More
26 Feb 2021
--- Innova Market Insights is revealing its Top Packaging Trends 2021 in collaboration with PackagingInsights, with “Home Delivery Haven” identified as the year’s leading trend. As much of the world perseveres... Read More
12 Feb 2021
--- Starting today, the Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in several East Asian countries and is steadily attracting global attention. Each year in the Chinese zodiac is characterized by one of 12 animals. 2021 marks... Read More
19 Jan 2021
--- A new report charting how reusable beverage cups performed in pilot systems has been released by investment firm Closed Loop Partners. The pilots mapped how reusable cups can effectively replace single-use packaging in the... Read More
05 Jan 2021
--- Meyer Seals has developed new glass sealing called ALKOseal glasSecure for “aggressive” fatty and oily contents. An ever-surging e-commerce market is challenging brands to upgrade their packaging and ensure... Read More