personal care

18 Oct 2021
--- McDonald’s waste paper cups will be recycled into toilet paper as part of the fast-food chain’s partnership with Swedish hygiene product producer Essity. The project is estimated to save up to 12,000 tons of... Read More
08 Oct 2021
--- Smurfit Kappa is launching a range of circular packaging solutions for the rapidly growing online health and beauty market. The new customizable eHealth & Beauty portfolio includes paper-based packaging solutions for... Read More
07 Oct 2021
--- Luxury beauty house Chanel is releasing its new 125 mL Les Eaux De Chanel fragrance bottles with caps made from bio-based Sulapac material. The cap is composed of three layers, made out of 91% plant-based materials obtained... Read More
27 Sep 2021
--- Beauty packaging manufacturer Quadpack is showcasing its new airless product family with “never-before-seen shapes” for cosmetics packaging. The new Canvas Airless range allows custom shapes with minimum lead... Read More
17 Sep 2021
--- Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) is collaborating with heat and cool surface technology provider Roctool to create eco-friendly packaging solutions for Clinique’s luxury beauty bottles. “We’re... Read More
13 Sep 2021
--- Tesco is launching a reusable packaging initiative in partnership with TerraCycle’s global Loop program, debuting in ten of its UK stores. Featuring a range of 88 reusable F&B, household and beauty products, the... Read More
09 Sep 2021
--- Sustainable packaging alternatives rarely meet the high standards of premium and luxury cosmetics brands, according to Sulapac CEO and co-founder Suvi Haimi. She speaks to PersonalCareInsights about the challenges in... Read More
08 Sep 2021
--- Constantia Flexibles is unveiling an up to 80 percent recycled polyethylene (PE) film made from its EcoLam laminates’ waste, offering a high-barrier non-food solution suitable for recycling in the existing low-density... Read More
31 Aug 2021
--- Dr. Sheffield’s is packaging its fluoride-free charcoal toothpaste in aluminum metal tubes in a bid to support toothpaste packaging recyclability rates and reduce plastic pollution. Although recyclable plastic tubes... Read More
27 Aug 2021
--- TriMas Packaging brand Rieke is unveiling an Amazon-certified e-commerce packaging range for personal care and home cleaning liquid products. With Amazon’s support, Rieke established in-house ISTA-6 labs for testing... Read More
23 Aug 2021
--- Mono Skincare has launched its Mono product in tablet form. The tablets dilute in water in 30 minutes, and one tablet requires 50 ml of water. Additionally, only one glass bottle is used in this process, eliminating the need... Read More
30 Jul 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Lyreco UK teamed up with TerraCycle’s Loop to trial reusable hand soap and hand sanitizers packaging formats in office spaces. Meanwhile, PolyREC welcomed Polyolefin Circular Economy... Read More
29 Jul 2021
--- Environmental sustainability is a must for cosmetic packaging, but it also has to be functional and aesthetically beautiful to offer a true alternative to conventional solutions, according to Dr. Suvi Haimi, CEO and... Read More
14 Jul 2021
--- Colgate-Palmolive’s hand soap brand Softsoap is reducing plastic waste with the launch of Foaming Hand Soap Tablets and a refillable, recyclable aluminum bottle. The kit uses 71 percent less plastic than a traditional... Read More
13 Jul 2021
--- Beauty giant Coty is introducing a digitally-enabled, touchless fragrance testing device, which dispenses a single droplet of liquid directly to an arm or a blotter, offering customers a more hygienic testing experience.... Read More
07 Jul 2021
--- Domino Printing Sciences has teamed up with Procter and Gamble (P&G) to help visually impaired consumers distinguish hair care products with tactile bottle markers. Domino’s D-Series CO2 laser coders are used to... Read More
06 Jul 2021
--- Tubex Aluminium Tubes is launching the Monotube, a skin care packaging solution made entirely of recycled aluminum, which features a snap-off closure that can reseal the tube. First to try the new solution, Ren Clean... Read More
05 Jul 2021
--- L’Oréal has unveiled a cosmetic bottle made entirely from recycled plastic using Carbios’ enzymatic technology. The company aims to produce the bottles by 2025, with the Biotherm brand chosen for the first... Read More
30 Jun 2021
--- South Korean beauty brand Aromatica is inaugurating Aromatica Zero Station, a zero waste store offering refillable beauty products. The space is a combination of retail, a refill station, aromatherapy, recycling and... Read More
28 Jun 2021
--- Beauty industry full-service supplier WWP Beauty is releasing Sustainable Touchless Tubes, a tube collection with options for up to 56 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) or Bio-PE content for color cosmetics applications.... Read More