personal care

30 Jul 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Lyreco UK teamed up with TerraCycle’s Loop to trial reusable hand soap and hand sanitizers packaging formats in office spaces. Meanwhile, PolyREC welcomed Polyolefin Circular Economy... Read More
29 Jul 2021
--- Environmental sustainability is a must for cosmetic packaging, but it also has to be functional and aesthetically beautiful to offer a true alternative to conventional solutions, according to Dr. Suvi Haimi, CEO and... Read More
14 Jul 2021
--- Colgate-Palmolive’s hand soap brand Softsoap is reducing plastic waste with the launch of Foaming Hand Soap Tablets and a refillable, recyclable aluminum bottle. The kit uses 71 percent less plastic than a traditional... Read More
13 Jul 2021
--- Beauty giant Coty is introducing a digitally-enabled, touchless fragrance testing device, which dispenses a single droplet of liquid directly to an arm or a blotter, offering customers a more hygienic testing experience.... Read More
07 Jul 2021
--- Domino Printing Sciences has teamed up with Procter and Gamble (P&G) to help visually impaired consumers distinguish hair care products with tactile bottle markers. Domino’s D-Series CO2 laser coders are used to... Read More
06 Jul 2021
--- Tubex Aluminium Tubes is launching the Monotube, a skin care packaging solution made entirely of recycled aluminum, which features a snap-off closure that can reseal the tube. First to try the new solution, Ren Clean... Read More
05 Jul 2021
--- L’Oréal has unveiled a cosmetic bottle made entirely from recycled plastic using Carbios’ enzymatic technology. The company aims to produce the bottles by 2025, with the Biotherm brand chosen for the first... Read More
30 Jun 2021
--- South Korean beauty brand Aromatica is inaugurating Aromatica Zero Station, a zero waste store offering refillable beauty products. The space is a combination of retail, a refill station, aromatherapy, recycling and... Read More
28 Jun 2021
--- Beauty industry full-service supplier WWP Beauty is releasing Sustainable Touchless Tubes, a tube collection with options for up to 56 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) or Bio-PE content for color cosmetics applications.... Read More
23 Jun 2021
--- US chemical company Eastman is unveiling Cristal One, a portfolio of Resin Identification Code 1 (RIC1) resins engineered to meet the demands of thick-walled packaging for luxury cosmetics, which can be easily recycled.... Read More
17 Jun 2021
--- Unilever is expanding its refillable packaging trials across the UK, including a first “return on the go” refill trial, in selected Asda supermarket and Co-op convenience stores.The FMCG giant’s household... Read More
17 Jun 2021
--- Polymers company Stratasys is unveiling a rapid 3D-printed prototyping solution enabling packaging designers to model complex, full-color packaging for cosmetics, personal care and food. Its high-fidelity prototypes... Read More
14 Jun 2021
--- Scientists have developed a novel way to use plastic waste as a food industry resource by converting post-consumer PET into vanillin via a series of chemical reactions. The team from the University of Edinburgh, UK,... Read More
10 Jun 2021
--- Gualapack is acquiring the majority stake in Easysnap Technology, a single-dose sachet equipped with an easy opening system suitable for liquid or semi-liquid products. Gualapack is an Italian company based in Alessandria... Read More
07 Jun 2021
--- LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics is collaborating with global specialty material provider Eastman to develop packaging that will eliminate the use of virgin plastic from its product lines. Moreover, LVMH is partnering with... Read More
03 Jun 2021
--- The Body Shop is launching an ambitious rollout of refill stations across 500 stores globally this year, and a further 300 stores in 2022. The company will also extend its in-store recycling scheme Return, Recycle and Repeat... Read More
03 Jun 2021
--- Sidel is introducing a highly flexible Industry 4.0 case-packing platform for shaped containers in wrap-around blanks, trays and shelf-ready packaging. The packaging equipment and services provider says changing consumer... Read More
26 May 2021
--- Hybrid packaging supplier Berlin Packaging has released a market trend report for personal care packaging highlighting sustainable materials and reusable packaging. The five-page report provides insight into the trends... Read More
25 May 2021
--- Holography remains a highly versatile and flexible technology in the search for ever more interesting packaging concepts and designs, says Dr. Paul Dunn, chair of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA).... Read More
20 May 2021
--- Sulapac has produced a new flexible material designed for thin-walled cosmetics jars with “excellent impact strength.” The brown, natural appearance and haptic feel make it stand out on retailer shelves.... Read More