Snacking on the rise

23 May 2019

Snacking is on the rise. Plastics remain the material of choice for packaging snacks. Meanwhile, blockchain technology on packaging is enabling supply chain transparency in snacks, and more manufacturers are focusing on sustainability.

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18 Jul 2019 | Innova Market Insights

How best to increase the sustainability of plastics packaging is one of the biggest challenges the industry faces right now. Leading FMCGs are exploring closed-loop recycling partnerships with waste management specialists and identifying ways to increase designed-in recyclability on a pack-by-pack basis.... Read More

28 Jun 2019 | CNS Media BV

Consumers continue to seek indulgent treats in the form of desserts and ice-cream, and trends such as dairy-free and plant-based are also infiltrating the category. Although several products are launched in responsible packaging, the leading material for this segment is plastic. Major market players are... Read More

05 Apr 2019 | CNS Media

Plastic is the predominant packaging material for ambient and chilled foods, while 2 in 5 ambient and chilled food launches tracked are packaged in packets.

10 Mar 2019 | CNS Media

Plastics remain the material of choice for packaging dairy products. In this category, the use of packaging as a canvas to communicate animal welfare, environmental impact and sustainability is progressively increasing in order to appease the mindful consumer. 

26 Nov 2018 | Innova Market Insights

Plastic remains the material of choice for packaging snacks, while heat sealed packets are witnessing significant growth in snack applications. Innova Market Insights data has shown a threefold increase in launch activity for snacks held in recloseable packages.

12 Oct 2018 | CNS Media

Plastic remains the material of choice for confectionery, followed by carton. There has been a fourfold increase in launch activity for recloseable confectionary, perhaps indicating how the market is responding to consumer demand for lighter enjoyment. Sustainability also drives innovation, with compostable... Read More

05 Sep 2018 | CNS Media

Glass remains the packaging material of choice for beverages, while capsules and valve bags are the fastest growing packaging formats in this category.

01 Apr 2018 | CNS Media

Sustainable packaging in food and beverages on the rise. Biodegradable/ compostable packaging in new F&B launches has increased with a CAGR of +41 percent in the last five years. There has been a strong rise in recyclable packaging material, presenting clear opportunities for innovation.