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Bio-Based; Biodegradable; Compostables; Flexible Plastics; Other Materials; Other Packaging; Recyclable; Rigid Plastics


baby & toddlers; household; meat, fish & eggs; other industries; personal care; pet food; ready meals & side dishes; sauces & seasonings; snacks


Since its beginnings in 1985, the company has experienced huge growth to become one of the leaders in the manufacture of flexible and rigid films (laminates and complexes) for large-scale food packaging in Europe.

Their business philosophy is to provide their clients with the widest range of custom solutions for industrial packaging. With this in mind, they work closely with them to achieve the common goal of guaranteeing their consumers the best possible experience.

Their films are used to produce a wide variety of packaging formats, broadly destined for the large-scale food sector. Among their many products, they can highlight their flowpack packaging, tray lids made of APET or APET PE, and vertical and stand-up bags and pouches among others.

Another of their principal activities is the extrusion or manufacture of rigid and semi-rigid films for thermoformed packaging. These films are used for trays and vacuum-packing formats.

The four printing techniques they currently have available (Offset, Digital, Flexography and Rotogravure) complete their packaging offer, providing a unique level of diversity that allows them to adapt their products to the specific needs of each client.

The markets for the SPG range of materials are many and varied. As specialists in the food sector, they work with manufacturers of fresh, dry and frozen food products, among others. They also provide solutions for non-food markets, such as the personal care and hygiene, automotive, and chemical and biological markets, as well as markets for other non-food products.

Products / Markets

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PE ECO    

PE ECO is a polyethylene-based complex. It is a 100%-recyclable mono-material, meaning it can replace non-recyclable structures. This material has been developed by SP Group to meet the guidelines set out by the European Commission to increase the recyclability of packaging. PE ECO has been added to our Eco Range, which contains all SP Group’s recyclable and mono-material packaging solutions.

Properties: It stands out for its transparency and its capacity to withstand heat treatments such as pasteurisation, hot-fill and microwaving processes.

Applications: Market applications for this material: Processed meat and dairy products, such as cured sausage products and cheese, frozen fish and seafood, dried fruit and other dried food products, ranging from spices and superfoods to cereals and legumes. It is also a good option for many products in the non-food sector, for example personal hygiene products, gels and shampoos, and cleaning products, among others.


The recyclable PE HB ECO is a polyethylene-based complex with high-barrier properties, which can replace non-recyclable structures. This material has been developed by SP Group to meet the guidelines set out by the European Commission to increase the recyclability of packaging. PE HB ECO has been added to our Eco Range, which contains all SP Group’s recyclable and mono-material packaging solutions.
Properties: It stands out for its transparency, its high-barrier properties, and its capacity to withstand heat treatments such as pasteurisation, hot-fill and microwaving processes.
Applications: Market applications of this material: Sauces or products that contain sauce or another liquid, rice-based or other legume-based pre-prepared dishes, food supplements and superfoods, such as chia seeds, poppy seeds, etc., dried fruit and nuts, and other dried foods, among others. In the non-food sector, it is also suitable for gels, personal hygiene products and beauty products, among others. 


Our new recyclable PP HB ECO material is a polypropylene-based, sterilisable complex with high-barrier properties that replaces non-recyclable structures. This structure has been developed by SP Group to comply with the European Commission target of ensuring all plastic packaging in the EU market is recyclable or reusable by 2030.

PP HB ECO has been evaluated by the CYCLOS-HTP institute and certified for recycling in the PP stream that currently exists in several European countries. Our pouches and bags made of PP HB ECO (with and without zippers) have been rated AA, which means that 90% of the packaging can be recycled, as it is almost entirely composed of polypropylene. CYCLOS-HPT also assessed our PP HB ECO baby food pouches with caps for the rigid PP recycling stream and rated them AAA, meaning 96% of the packaging is recyclable.
Properties: It stands out for its high degree of transparency, greater than any PP structure. It has a high barrier, and withstands heat treatments, such as sterilisation, pasteurisation, hot-fill and microwaving.
Applications: Market applications of this material: It is ideal for any products that require sterilisation treatment, such as sauces or food products containing some kind of sauce or liquid, as well as pre-prepared dishes. Also ideal for wet pet food.


Special flexible laminate with high barrier.. Welds directly onto polyester trays and is resistant to heat processes. It is an eco-efficient material as it the laminate can be made very thin, providing all related savings.
Properties: High barrier, Watertight, MAP (Protective atmosphere), peelable and Good hot tack.
Applications: Cold cut, cheese, Pizzas, fresh dough and pastry, sauces and fish.

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Our thermoformable rPET monolayer laminate is made 100% material post-consumer recycled (PCR). Of this more than 50% is recycled material from trays, and it is 100% recyclable. This facilitates its classification and recycling where the infrastructure exists to do so. Its excellent degree of transparency is comparable with products made from virgin plastic, and its specific mechanical properties ensure it will withstand any impact during the packaging process. SP GROUP rPET is entirely suitable for food use, and holds EFSA certificate No. 2017/4843.
Properties: Very transparent, thermoformable.
Applications: Trays for many products, including: cakes, biscuits, salads, and fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as other non-food products: perfumes, cosmetics and blister packs.


A flexible, resealable high-barrier film that welds directly onto polyester. It is more sustainable than other structures, as it does not contain chlorine products and can be downgauged. The PET tray can be separated for recycling.


The offset printing technique is characterised by the speed of the production phase. Its ElectromBeam inks do not contain any solvents and are quick drying with a very tough bond. They offer a high quality print for the material chosen, whether paper or plastic film, achieving well-defined typography, a clear dot matrix and clean stochastic dots, offering similar visual results to rotogravure.


Directly from the computer to the packaging. Digital printing is ideal for product tests and short runs, while maintaining final print quality equal to offset and rotogravure printing. Digital printing allows you to personalise the design of each item produced. With this technique, packaging becomes even more personalised and versatile.

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