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AMS Spectral UV - A Baldwin Technology Company manufactures LED-UV curing systems for solidifying printing inks, coatings and adhesives, among other applications. Here you can learn the benefits this technology brings to printing, flexography, converting and other industries; a bit about its history and how it works; and answers to some frequently asked questions regarding LED UV curing.

AMS Spectral UV - A Baldwin Technology Company develops and manufactures LED-UV curing solutions for printing and other applications. Our patented LED-UV systems are considered the best available on the market today - we're experts in LED-UV curing, and our products are specifically built to operate in rugged industrial environments.

When it comes to the printing industry - the place one will most frequently find these systems in use - AMS Spectral UV offers vetted solutions to offset, digital and flexographic printers who are ready to move away from hot, messy and toxic conventional drying methods, or environmentally regulated conventional UV curing methods, to enjoy the many improvements enabled by LED-UV curing.

Adding an LED UV system to a commercial sheet fed offset press brings game-changing benefits to the table; the following are some of the most prominent:
• inks cure instantly, so there is no need for drying time or powder;
• printers can expand substrate offerings to include plastics and other materials that don't absorb inks;
• heat-sensitive substrates can be printed on safely, with quality results;
• LED UV lamps last significantly longer (10x) than traditional UV lamps, saving time and money (our LED-UV modules can provide 30,000+ hours of curing, when operated at the proper power capacity);
• heat, ozone and mercury are eliminated from press rooms, making them safer and improving overall environmental impact;
• UV inks are free of solvents, so LED UV curing eliminates the release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and avoids the environmental issues caused by them;
• the energy costs and heat-related hazards of heat set drying can be bypassed;
• value-added coatings can be used efficiently and effectively;
• High-end printing effects, like drip-off (a.k.a. "strike through"), can be achieved, and further developments in this arena that are broadening creative applications and what is possible with printing.
These are just a few of the benefits that come with UV LED-based curing, and depending on the type and size of the press (be it offset, digital or flexo) in question, there are other major advantages printers will immediately appreciate.

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