Design and Branding

16 Nov 2018 --- Shelf-appeal and consumer engagement are increasingly significant drivers in metal can design. Although consumers are drinking less soda, other can markets are emerging and expanding, notably craft beer and canned water, with producers demanding the differentiation needed to be competitive on a busy shelf. Two leading metal can suppliers, Crown and Ball, showcased the latest in their decorative techniques and connective technologies during BrauBevaile 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany, this week.
15 Nov 2018 --- Proctor & Gamble (P&G) is set to launch a new fully recyclable e-commerce liquid laundry detergent pack on the US market in January 2019, which will be available through all major e-retailers. The compact and light Tide Eco-Box is a bag-in-box design which contains 60 percent less plastic compared to the current 150 oz Tide press-tap. Significantly, the Tide Eco-Box does not require any secondary packaging or bubble wrap, enhancing its credentials further as an eco-conscious e-commerce solution.
13 Nov 2018 --- Today marks the UK’s first shopping day dedicated to accessibility and disability awareness, coined Purple Tuesday by disability organization, Purple. With this in mind, PackagingInsights looks at accessible packaging and the potential spaces where the industry can make its mark in making daily life more accessible for the large proportion of consumers who are disabled or have impairments.
13 Nov 2018 --- Lightweight Containers, producer of the PET kegs KeyKeg and UniKeg, has launched two new additions: A non-alcoholic fitting and a manual dispensing unit for “at-home use,” today at BrauBeviale, in Nuremberg, Germany.
12 Nov 2018 --- Creators of the Karma Push Cap Technology, Karma, have formed a collaboration with Aptar Food + Beverage, a global specialist in dispensing, sealing and active packaging solutions, to deliver instant-mix technology to a range of market segments focused on the rising trend of personalized, fortified nutrition. The collaboration believes that the cap has the potential to extend beyond beverage into other industries, including medical and pharmaceutical.
09 Nov 2018 --- Ardagh Group has collaborated with Norway seafood brand Stabburet to deliver a revamped, lively design for its classic aluminum seafood cans. The project targeted Stabburet’s mackerel fillet range – a national dish in Norway – and presented sixty different designs on the Hansa shaped seafood can – the typical aluminum can with rounded edges used for seafood.
06 Nov 2018 --- The UK Recycling Association has criticized Kellogg’s Pringles can recycling scheme, referring to it as a “fudge that doesn’t solve any issues.” Kellogg’s announced last month that it had entered an agreement with recycling company TerraCycle, enabling consumers to recycle Pringles cans using Freepost labels, with the sender rewarded with a charitable donation for each can which can be redeemed at a school, charity or non-profit of choice. The cans are then recycled and the resulting pellets used to create new products such as benches and fence posts.
31 Oct 2018 --- Berlin start-up, share, has become the first beverage producer in Germany to sell its water in PET bottles made of 100 percent recyclate. The company has said that in 2019 it wants to fill water into approximately a million bottles a month made entirely from recycled PET, with estimated savings of over 200 metric tons of plastic waste annually. The bottle design was developed in collaboration with KHS’ Bottles & Shapes consultancy program.
30 Oct 2018 --- Smith&+Village has unveiled its stylish rebrand of the Harvey Nichols food collection, which had stood untouched since its launch in 1994. The rebranding sought to project the image of the iconic store itself and used “Ab Fab” fashion of the 1990s as its inspiration. This luxury packaging is far from throwaway, and the store encourages that it is reused.
26 Oct 2018 --- Mr. Kipling, a Premier Foods brand, revamped its packaging design to appeal to new international markets. In order to appeal to fresh consumers, UK design agency Robot Foods focused on a transmitting “just baked” feeling through the packaging. Despite being a household name in the UK, it’s unknown in markets such as Australia and the US.
25 Oct 2018 --- BrewDog's new lager in its canned range aims to differentiate the brand in the competitive craft beer market and steps away from BrewDog’s color-coded can style, in which the lager variant was traditionally yellow. Designed by B&B studio, the new design is white, with red type and a silver unicorn illustration to further differentiate the lager from the rest of the range.
22 Oct 2018 --- Nestlé has partnered with Sainsbury’s to launch a personalized tin for Quality Street chocolates this Christmas. The partnership has cited the success of last year’s launch of a personalized tin and said that this year’s offer is even bigger and better as the promotion will run in over ten times more locations than last year, making it easier than ever for consumers to pick up the bespoke Christmas tin.
17 Oct 2018 --- Eco-conscious household and personal care company Seventh Generation has launched an innovative new laundry detergent product which is packaged in 60 percent less plastic while containing 50 percent less water. This new “super convenient dosing technology” represents “an effort to modernize the liquid laundry category and drive unnecessary plastic and water waste out of the industry,” the company states.
16 Oct 2018 --- Herbal Essences is producing the first-ever mass hair care bottle design in North America that will make it easier for vision impaired consumers to distinguish its shampoo and conditioner products through the sense of touch. The Proctor & Gamble-owned (P&G) brand’s newly enhanced package features tactile indentations that will help differentiate the brand’s shampoos from its conditioners in-shower given they share the same bottle shape, alleviating in-shower confusion and helping consumers confidently perform daily tasks.
15 Oct 2018 --- Consumers are more likely to buy organic, premium brands if the packaging is “natural-looking,” research by global diversified packaging supplier Sonoco has found. The study shows that packaging that offers a distinctive natural look – such as Sonoco's own EcoTect packaging board – enhances product attributes such as “organic” and “natural,” which in turn help brands stand out on the retail shelf.
12 Oct 2018 --- Specialist heat seal pre-cut lids manufacturer Chadwicks – a UK member of the Clondalkin Group – has produced a set of “eye-catching” lids for a new range of gin and vodka infused ice cocktails from frozen cocktail brand, LIC. Chadwicks has produced various designs for the 46mm aluminum foil lids for the alcoholic frozen cocktail range from LIC which includes Grey Goose Vodka and Bombay Sapphire Gin.
11 Oct 2018 --- Schur Star Systems has announced a new customer in Spain’s prime producer of luxurious delicatessen, Martiko. Martiko’s Foie Gras Mousse product will now be packaged via a new line which adds value by way of “simplicity of concept” and a unique creative bag construction with decorative enhancements. Schur says that the bag is now only “brilliantly simple” but also a dosing and decoration tool in addition to an effective container.
11 Oct 2018 --- rlc packaging group’s Mezym pharmaceutical packaging design has grabbed the European Carton Excellence Award 2018, presented by the two industry associations Pro Carton and ECMA. The Mezym folding carton for tablet blister packs boasts eye-catching metallic finish and holographic 3D effects. It is used to package a medication produced by Berlin-Chemie.
11 Oct 2018 --- The packaging solution is sometimes right in front of your eyes. That is the view of Simone Caronni, Pietro Gaeli and Paolo Stefano Gentile, three product designers from NABA University in Milan, who have created cone-shaped fries packaging from discarded potato peels. Fries companies produce a lot of potato peels: the idea of this project is to use this material to save on waste while producing eco-conscious packaging, the trio says, and so the Peel Saver was born.
09 Oct 2018 --- Sonoco has announced that it is now producing rigid paper containers as the new exclusive supplier of the German muesli manufacturer mymuesli. The packaging solution is ideally suited for both online distribution and through brick-and-mortar shops and provides superior product protection. The wall and bottom are equipped with a barrier film that replaces the conventional aluminum. This enhances the gas-tightness so that the quality, taste and nutritional value of components like grains, nuts and berries are preserved for longer.