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28 Sep 2022
--- With stringent legislative targets set for recycling, recycled content and recyclability in packaging, the industry is increasingly looking to novel technologies as a means of reprocessing material unfit for current... Read More
27 Sep 2022
--- A study published today by Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) has found that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from plastic packaging pyrolysis are nine times higher than that of mechanical recycling. Accordingly, ZWE is urging the... Read More
15 Sep 2022
--- Recyclability is taking center stage at Crown’s Drinktec 2022 booth in Munich, Germany. We sit down with Veronique Curulla, marketing and business development director at Crown EMEA, to explore how the company is... Read More
13 Sep 2022
--- Swiss equipment manufacturer Bühler is showcasing its latest digital service, branded MontBlanc, which measures and recommends to beer producers the appropriate fan speed for kilning their barley. The technology is on... Read More
09 Sep 2022
--- South Australia’s police union is launching legal action to prohibit the sale of canned beers at the Adelaide Oval sports ground, citing concerns that the metal packaging poses a safety threat to players, staff and... Read More
01 Sep 2022
--- Mondi is opening its first recycling laboratory to test the recyclability of paper and paper-based packaging using non-paper components such as coatings at its Frantschach mill in Austria. Conducting recycling tests in-house... Read More
30 Aug 2022
--- Aquapak is announcing an exclusive distribution deal through which Resinex will supply high-performance barrier films made from Hydropol polymers to Europe. When extrusion coated or laminated onto paper, Hydropol adds... Read More
29 Aug 2022
--- KHS is introducing Innokeg AF-C Transversal, a setup that washes and racks up to 500 kegs an hour. The system is compact and accessible and can automatically adjust to different formats. Summarizing the system’s... Read More
29 Aug 2022
--- Amcor has acquired a world-class flexible packaging plant in the Czech Republic and expanded its Innovation Center Network with a new facility in Jiangyin, China. The flexible packaging plant’s strategic location... Read More
12 Aug 2022
--- This week in industry news, Mondi agreed to sell its biggest packaging facility in Russia for RUB 95 billion (US$1.54 billion), subject to approval by the Russian Federation’s Government. Also, Schubert announced an... Read More
11 Aug 2022
--- Two independent freelance journalists have reported being attacked, threatened with death and having their media equipment confiscated while investigating allegations of illegal recycling operations in an industrial area in... Read More
08 Aug 2022
--- Frugalpac is providing Greenall’s – the Original London Dry Gin – with its paper-based Frugal Bottle. Greenall is one of the first major gin brands in the UK to launch in paper bottle format, reducing its... Read More
04 Aug 2022
--- Scientists in South Korea have demonstrated that harmful endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), including phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) found in consumer packaging, may damage the mammalian liver and cause metabolic... Read More
02 Aug 2022
--- PPG is launching PPG Innovel Pro, an enhanced internal spray coating that uses no bisphenol-A (BPA) or “bisphenol starting substances” and provides more robust application properties for the infinitely recyclable... Read More
02 Aug 2022
--- Canpack is investing BRL710 million (US$140 million) in a new production facility in Poços de Caldas, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, to increase its manufacturing capacity of aluminum beverage cans. Officials... Read More
27 Jul 2022
--- Ardagh Metal Packaging and luxury vodka makers Au Vodka have co-designed a highly reflective, gold color metal can for the UK company’s award-winning Blue Raspberry vodka. The Blue Raspberry vodka is pre-mixed with... Read More
27 Jul 2022
--- Robotics are increasingly prevalent in the packaging industry, but there are still many areas where robots and cobots could be introduced to improve productivity and environmental sustainability, according to experts.... Read More
22 Jul 2022
--- This week in industry news, Antares Vision Group introduced a series of packaging inspection machines for F&B applications. Meanwhile, PulPac’s project to pioneer Dry Molded Fiber sourced from agricultural residues... Read More
15 Jul 2022
--- Dow is revealing that its post-consumer recycled (PCR)-rich resins, branded Revoloop, are the first PE compounds to be certified in accordance with the Standard UNE-EN 15343 for plastics recycling traceability and recycled... Read More
15 Jul 2022
--- Amcor Rigid Packaging is introducing samples of spirits bottles made of recyclable PET that meet the newly-approved US Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) sizes. The six new bottles were developed to maximize ease of use in customer... Read More