08 Jan 2021
--- UK-based paper packaging specialist Antalis has developed specialty ergonomic packaging for vital medical equipment. The company says its new designs will aid people with limited dexterity, particularly those having just... Read More
07 Jan 2021
--- TerraCycle is partnering with pharmaceutical companies to launch a blister pack recycling program in what it claims is a UK first. The “Little Packs Big Impact” initiative is designed to make the preformed... Read More
17 Dec 2020
--- PopPack is harnessing a recently signed cooperation agreement with PPi Technologies to develop its air-powered flexible packaging. The “Air-Powered Package” uses the “EasyPop” air bubble function as a... Read More
17 Dec 2020
--- Germany-based healthcare labeling specialist Schreiner MediPharm is joining DoseID, the US consortium for standardizing medical product labels.Radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology has been gaining traction in the... Read More
06 Oct 2020
--- DS Smith is using Hanhaa’s ParceLive packaging tracking device in shipments after securing the Internet of Things (IoT) innovator as a channel partner. The technology provides traceable parcel delivery satisfaction to... Read More
06 Jul 2020
--- A multi-stakeholder platform connecting the European glass packaging ecosystem has launched with the ambition to achieve 90 percent glass collection by 2030. The move comes as efforts to consolidate the European Circular... Read More
25 Jun 2020
--- International manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging Jokey and renewable and recycled materials supplier Neste have partnered to develop the market for environmentally sustainable rigid packaging for food and non-food... Read More
12 Jun 2020
--- Aptar Pharma has announced that its portable, patented PureHale respiratory device is the delivery system behind Blairex Laboratories’ new Breathe Free Essentials brand, sold exclusively on Amazon. This marks the first... Read More
26 May 2020
--- Packaging and décor materials player Toppan Printing has developed a paper tube-pouch that reduces the use of plastic in cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceuticals by over 50 percent. Moreover, the paper-based... Read More
23 Apr 2020
--- The coronavirus pandemic has inspired the invention of an on-the-go, fashionable yet compact sanitation kit. Emulating the conventional makeup bag, the aluminum-based handbag-type kit called the Handy Capsule is premolded to... Read More
21 Apr 2020
--- Syntegon Technology is equipped to demonstrate its resource-saving technologies for confectionery, bakery and pharmaceutical packaging applications at this year’s inaugural Virtual Show, held from May 7 to 13, 2020.... Read More
20 Apr 2020
--- The coronavirus pandemic has spiked global demand for grocery shopping and home delivery. With this changing consumer behavior comes concerns of intensified packaging waste management issues. David Clark, Vice President... Read More
13 Apr 2020
--- Camvac has leveled-up the production output of its medical and core food packaging solutions by transitioning from a two-shift to a three-shift 24-hour operation as the COVID-19 pandemic drives up demand. Europe’s... Read More
31 Mar 2020
--- DS Smith has developed special emergency provision boxes to meet increased demand for safer home delivery in the food retail sector as the global COVID-19 outbreak intensifies. In line with social distancing and... Read More
30 Mar 2020
--- Unprecedented times have forced the packaging industry into unparalleled action. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing major disruption to the global economy as human health takes priority, yet the essential role that packaging... Read More
21 Feb 2020
--- UK packaging group DS Smith’s pending sale of its Plastics Division to liquid packaging company Liqui-Box is expected to close shortly after clearing the US Department of Justice regulatory hurdle. Subject to the... Read More
03 Jan 2020
--- Global diversified packaging supplier Sonoco has completed the acquisition of Thermoform Engineered Quality and Plastique Holdings (together TEQ) from ESCO Technologies for US$187 million in cash. TEQ is a global... Read More
21 Nov 2019
--- Diversified global packaging company Sonoco has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Thermoform Engineered Quality and Plastique Holdings (together TEQ). TEQ is a global manufacturer of thermoformed packaging, serving... Read More
13 Nov 2019
--- European folding carton and flexible packaging supplier ÅR Packaging has acquired all outstanding shares in K+D AG and entered into an agreement to acquire all outstanding shares in rlc Packaging. The supplier... Read More
12 Nov 2019
--- At CpHI Worldwide 2019, glass and plastic pharma packaging producer Bormioli Pharma showcased several new packaging prototypes to address four key trends – usability, traceability, connectivity and sustainability. The... Read More