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12 Nov 2020
--- Certain colors, using verbs over nouns and demographic-specific vocabulary can all make on-pack health claims more convincing for consumers.
28 Oct 2020
--- BillerudKorsnäs is introducing its durable and CO2-reducing Reusable Paper Bag to UK supermarkets through an AB Group Packaging distribution deal. The move enables UK supermarkets to get up to speed with their European... Read More
29 Sep 2020
--- Syntegon Technology and chemicals company SABIC are jointly developing a frozen food packaging pillow bag. The bag boasts a “substantial material reduction potential” of up to 50 percent compared to conventional... Read More
25 Sep 2020
--- Stora Enso is investing in more formed fiber capacity at its Hylte Mill in Sweden and Qian’an Mill in China. The annual capacity at both mills will be approximately 115 million product units.
24 Sep 2020
--- Biodegradable materials developer Danimer Scientific and Plastic Suppliers, Inc. (PSI), a global manufacturer of non-barrier sealant films, have partnered to create bio-based, home-compostable films.
22 Sep 2020
--- Israeli food-tech start-up W-Cycle has developed SupraPulp, an energy- and water-saving bioplastic made of 99.99 percent bagasse, the dry pulpy residue left after the extraction of juice from sugarcane.
14 Sep 2020
--- Hong Kong-based start-up Ixon Food Technology has made scalable progress to commercialize its technology to naturally preserve foods without additives or high temperatures.
09 Sep 2020
--- Coveris has launched a hot food on-the-move packaging range. The Heat range boasts dual ovenable and hot-hold functionality and eliminates the need for direct food contact. The board-only and window patched designs,... Read More
07 Sep 2020
--- UK design student Holly Grounds has created instant noodle packaging manufactured from an edible and dissolvable potato starch-based film. The solution eliminates the need for single-use plastic sachets. Moreover, spices and... Read More
07 Aug 2020
--- The COVID-19 pandemic has ignited an upsurge in take-out delivery orders, and consequently, single-use plastic container waste. Particularly polystyrene – the material used to make Styrofoam – is experiencing a... Read More
27 Jul 2020
--- The Center for the Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners has initiated a “groundbreaking” consortium with CVS Health, Target and Walmart to reinvent the single-use plastic bag. Having pledged to fund the... Read More
07 Jul 2020
--- “Power concedes nothing without a demand,” US social reformer Frederick Douglass declared in 1857. The statement has rung true in recent weeks with brands across F&B sectors scrambling to ensure that their... Read More
02 Jul 2020
--- UK-based absorbent food packaging specialist Sirane has developed a plastic-free salad packaging solution as part of a project with major brands in France. The salad bags are a variant of the supplier’s renowned... Read More
15 Jun 2020
--- For busy customers seeking to save time on weekly food purchases and preparation, a little fridge organization can go a long way. Nevera Llena, Spanish for “Full Fridge,” is a home delivery service that brings 14... Read More
08 Jun 2020
--- Flexible packaging company ProAmpac has invented CurbSafe, a foodservice delivery bag. Arriving in six different colors, the recyclable PET bag is customizable for printing to support branding. Vent holes at the top of the... Read More
02 Jun 2020
--- A new packaging solution from Trade Island in New Zealand allows pizza to be baked in a mess-free, home-compostable tray. The tray, made from a by-product of sugarcane and corn, was created in partnership with New World... Read More
25 May 2020
--- Restaurants in Europe are starting to reopen their doors as governments relax COVID-19 self-distancing measures but health and hygiene remain top of the agenda. Set against this backdrop, Norwegian company ZincIn is... Read More
06 Apr 2020
--- Through the use of Ecolean’s aseptic, lightweight plastic packaging, Indonesian food and beverage manufacturer Real Good has become the first national company to receive Class A certification from Indonesia’s... Read More
06 Apr 2020
--- Eco-Products, a Novolex brand, has introduced compostable trays as the latest addition to its line of foodservice products, targeting grocery stores and food processors. Made from residual sugarcane fiber, the new trays are... Read More
18 Mar 2020
--- Biodegradable and compostable packaging specialist Sirane has developed a plastic-free sandwich skillet as an alternative to the PE-coated packs and laminated boards which currently dominate the market. The sandwich packs,... Read More