20 Jul 2021
--- Packaging data specialist Ecoveritas is launching a sophisticated online analysis and reporting tool called Ecoview later this month for brands and retailers requiring a detailed breakdown of their packaging supply chain.... Read More
14 Jul 2021
--- As COVID-19 social restrictions gradually ease, global consumers are returning to gyms and reengaging with more active lifestyles. The burgeoning nutritional powder and energy bar markets resulting from this trend require... Read More
12 Jul 2021
--- A new paper published by the American Chemical Society is calling for “meaningful action” on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to attenuate the “systematic failures” of US chemical... Read More
05 Jul 2021
--- European Plastics Converters (EuPC) is warning the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive’s (SUPD) legislative processes are creating “an unprecedented fragmentation among EU Member States.” The Directive came... Read More
01 Jul 2021
--- US-based Keystone Folding Box is reporting a surge in demand for its line of child-resistant, paperboard-based blister packs from pharmaceutical companies in India.
01 Jul 2021
--- Nearly AU$270 million (US$202 million) is being poured into Australia’s marine bio-industries to meet growing global demand for plant-based proteins, nutraceuticals, omega 3 oils and bioplastics. The sum will help... Read More
29 Jun 2021
--- AR Packaging and PulPac are expanding their partnership and bridging volume capacity to fast-track cost-effective, plastic-replacement fiber products to market using the new PulPac PU300 production platform. The PulPac PU300... Read More
25 Jun 2021
--- Schubert is enhancing the speed of lightweight product packing with the launch of its first AI-programmed pick-and-place cobot called tog.519. A cobot (collaborative robot) is a robot intended for direct human interaction... Read More
09 Jun 2021
--- A quarter of British people admit they do not take any form of vitamin D supplementation – despite strong recommendations from the nation’s National Health Service (NHS), which specifies that this supplement... Read More
03 Jun 2021
--- A new supplement brand called Lewa of Sweden is launching novel vitamin and antioxidant gum strip-resembling products as a “healthy and flavorful alternative to energy drinks and chewing gum.” The “small... Read More
23 Apr 2021
--- GSK Consumer Healthcare (GSKCH) is using compression blow forming (CBF) technology to reduce the plastic in its more than 80 million Advil bottles by 20 percent. The new bottle format is set to eradicate nearly 500,000... Read More
09 Apr 2021
--- UK-based startup Forme has raised over £18,000 (US$24,600) in under 24 hours to finance the release of a “modern-day” supplement shaker, which its designers say prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria... Read More
02 Apr 2021
--- Hoffmann Neopac (Neopac) has developed a dropper tube for direct, precision administration of Streuli Pharma’s novel vegan vitamin D formulation. Neopac’s signature Polyfoil tube provides effective barrier... Read More
25 Mar 2021
--- Paper bottles are a fast-growing innovation area, highlighted by GSK Consumer Healthcare (GSKCH) joining Pulpex’s paper bottle consortium as its newest member. GSKCH is exploring paper bottling for its wellness and... Read More
15 Mar 2021
--- Primarily known for medium and high-performance lines, Syntegon Technology is now also bundling solutions for small and micro-batch pharmaceutical applications with Versynta FFP. The move follows a “noticeable... Read More
04 Mar 2021
--- Lyvecap is launching its first sports nutrition product, a probiotics cap system called Strong. The system packs 200 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) from eight scientifically crafted strains into one cap taken daily,... Read More
11 Feb 2021
--- Catalent is launching CosmoPod Duo, a softgel capsule for the delivery of topical skin treatments. Based on the company’s CosmoPod unit-dose twist-off capsule technology, the new capsule features segregated... Read More
03 Feb 2021
--- Syntegon is investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics to enhance its packaging production line efficiencies. The company has expanded its secondary packaging portfolio with the Sigpack TTMD, which combines core... Read More
02 Feb 2021
--- Plant-based materials manufacturer Nexe Innovations and its subsidiary Xoma Superfoods are launching a micro-ground soluble coffee with organic medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) in a fully compostable coffee pod. The... Read More
25 Jan 2021
--- Effusio is launching two dissolvable vitamin discs called Prebiotic + and Sleep + that give a variety of drinks a functional boost. Millimeters thin, Effusio’s new vitamin supplements can be stacked on top of each... Read More