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You are probably here because you’d like to know more about us. Welcome to the world of Ad Mirabilia, a team of PR and marketing communication professionals based in Milan, deeply inspired by the meaning of our name: always heading for the best.

Every day we wake up thinking how much we like our job: an amazing mix of thinking, creating, telling and connecting with people, taking place in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Here you’ll learn that PR is the soul of communication, the art of expressing what your company represents, through clear and engaging messages.

Here you’ll discover the world of PR first, our way of placing PR at the forefront of communication.

Articles On PackagingInsights

  • Avery Dennison targets pharmaceutical packaging with UHF and RFID labels

    Packaging & Technology News

    17 Sep 2018 --- Avery Dennison, global labeling and functional materials manufacturer, has expanded its portfolio of ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) inlay label products targeting the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. 

  • Digital ERP for foodservice: CSB System highlights cost and time savings

    Packaging & Technology News

    04 Sep 2018 --- CSB-System’s bespoke Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can contribute to the successful growth of foodservice suppliers, according to the company, due to how it fully-integrates industry-specific software, from CSB, to replace stand-alone solutions. This overhaul is said to streamline processes that ensure more reliable and immediate data, effective scenario planning which can save costs and a higher level of automation with minimizes throughput times.

  • On-the-go packaging solutions pick up speed to accommodate modern consumerism

    Packaging & Technology News

    05 Jul 2018 --- Much of the modern consumer market lives life on-the-go, consuming higher volumes of drinks and snacks outside of the home than ever before. The convenience and functionality of on-the-go packaging can be the difference between one product and another at point-of-sale. Packaging suppliers are responding to the on-the-go challenge with an increasing range and diversity of innovative mobile packaging solutions and technologies.

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