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Webinar: Sustainable e-commerce packaging in the COVID-19 age

 16 Sep 2021

This webinar explores the accelerated growth of e-commerce home food delivery in the COVID-19 age, with special focus on the challenges and opportunities this trend presents to F&B packaging suppliers. Daniela Dorner, eCommerce director at Mondi and Akhil Aiyar, senior market analyst at Innova Market Insights, provide exclusive presentations and answer your questions on climate change, circular economy, product protection, the unboxing experience and more.

20 Apr 2021 | Packaging Insights

In this webinar, Akhil Aiyar, market analyst at Innova Market Insights, provides an exclusive presentation of the global market researcher’s Top Packaging Trends 2021. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session with three circular economy experts. Topics discussed include COVID-19 and sustainability,... Read More

08 Sep 2020 | CNS Media

Innova Market Insights has revealed its Top Packaging Trends 2020, with “The Language of Environmental Sustainability” identified as the year’s leading trend. FMCG brands are increasingly finding competitive advantage in more prominent on-pack communication of their packaging’s environmental credentials.... Read More

18 Jun 2020 | USDEC

Today’s consumers want the complete package when it comes to their favorite snacks – delicious taste, global flavor and texture adventure, portability, balanced nutrition, indulgence and sustainability. The protein snack category is diversifying in response to consumer wishes, including a widening array of... Read More

21 May 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Flavors are more than ever at the center of new product innovation as ethnic flavors continue to expand globally. Meanwhile, storytelling is key to engaging with consumers. Health is top-of-mind for consumers while wellness flavors such as botanicals continue to thrive. At the same time, indulgence remains a... Read More

22 Apr 2020 | CP Kelco

According to a recent Innova Market Insights survey*, nearly nine in ten consumers around the world expect companies to invest in sustainability. CP Kelco has implemented a Triple Bottom Line sustainability strategy to align its values with its customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders. In this... Read More

12 Mar 2020 | Innova Market Insights

The influence of Innova’s Top Ten Trends for 2020 is clearly apparent in the dairy category, which is facing key challenges in remaining viable. Meanwhile, consumer tastes are ever-changing and interest in the origin of dairy products remains strong. In this webinar, Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation... Read More

23 Jan 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Major themes of health, sustainability and consumers' appetite for adventure are driving NPD in the snacking space. Consumers increasingly seek out craveable textures in food and beverages, which makes for a heightened sensory experience while elevating indulgent sensations. For the full webinar covering the... Read More

23 Oct 2019 | PerkinElmer

This webinar covers the pasting and gelation behaviors of starch and flour ingredients from different pulse crops (e.g., pea and lentil) provide new insights into high cooking temperatures which is meaningful for the utilization of pulse-based ingredients under high-temperature processing conditions, such as... Read More

23 May 2019 | Innova Market Insights

Consumers are moving out of their comfort zones to explore bolder flavors and multisensory food experiences. Brands are responding by creating more engaging experiences, drawing on aspects like sensory delivery, storytelling and tastes from other cultures. 

23 Apr 2019 | Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute

There can often be a disconnect between what consumers perceive as healthy in a food or beverage, what science shows is healthy, and what claims can be made. How can you deliver on-trend foods with a strong health halo, while ensuring consumers get the health benefit they expect from a product? Watch the... Read More

05 Dec 2018 | Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights releases its Top Ten Trends for 2019, using its ongoing analyses of global developments in food and drink launch activity to highlight the trends most likely to impact the food and drinks industry over the coming year and beyond. In addition to the Top Ten Trends identified for 2019,... Read More

29 Jun 2018 | Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute

Nutrition science is making itself heard in the beverage category. Protein coffees, probiotic juices and turmeric teas are common sightings as the demand for convenient, functional foods increases with consumers. This leaves many of us asking the questions like: “What is the future of nutrition for... Read More