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Circular beauty: How can personal care brands deliver a waste-free future?

 26 Apr 2023

In this PersonalCareInsights webinar, we revealed clean beauty innovations, discussed the impact of the latest industry regulations and shared how personal care brands can smartly contribute to the circular economy.

Watch this webinar as we presented exclusive global data from Innova Market Insights and spoke with experts from Givaudan, Arkive and the European Environmental Bureau.

12 Jun 2024 | Packaging Insights

Innova Market Insights has announced its Top Packaging Trends 2024, with “Digitalized Circularity” taking the top spot. In this exclusive webinar, we discuss how new technologies are transforming the industry, helping protect consumers and businesses from greenwashing and securing supply chains. We also... Read More

02 Nov 2023 | Mondi

Nedim Nisic, the eCommerce Director at Mondi Group, delves into cutting-edge eCommerce packaging innovations. From automation advancements to groundbreaking design revolutions, this webinar will equip you to stay ahead in the realms of eCommerce packaging, fulfillment, and sustainability goals.

12 Oct 2023 | Packaging Insights

The circular economy action plan is a central aspect of the European Green Deal. The plan aims to ensure that waste is prevented and resources used are kept in the economy for as long as possible, reducing pressure on natural resources and creating sustainable employment and development. The plan is a... Read More

03 Jul 2023 | Packaging Insights

As international leaders, civil society groups and environmental campaigners continue to negotiate legislative solutions to the global plastics pollution crisis, we look at Innova Market Insights’ Top Trends 2023, with “Plastics Circularization” ranking top. In this exclusive webinar, we debate the viability... Read More

12 Apr 2023 | Packaging Insights

Consumers exist in a connected world and packaging is increasingly seen as a valuable platform for digital engagement. Technologies like QR codes, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Augmented Reality (AR), have emerged in recent years. In the first of PackagingInsights’ 2023 webinar series, we discussed... Read More

14 Dec 2022 | Packaging Insights

In this last webinar of the 2022 series, we will discuss consumers’ preferences for food packaging, how the packaging industry can protect human and environmental health through shelf life-extending technologies, advance waste management, and inspire global governments and F&B businesses to bolster the... Read More

10 Nov 2022 | Innova Market Insights

Innova’s global insights director, Lu Ann Williams, presents the eagerly awaited Top Ten Trends for 2023. Discover the consumer and industry insights that will inspire successful innovation over the coming year. Covering the full spectrum of the food and beverage industry, Innova’s Top Ten Trends are the... Read More

09 Sep 2022 | Packaging Insights

Watch this highly anticipated webinar hosted by PackagingInsights in which we unraveled Innova Market Insights’ top packaging trends for 2022. Topics ranged from food waste-fighting packaging and plastic pollution solutions to bio-based innovation and connective engagement technologies.

09 Jun 2022 | Aicomp

Raw material availability, energy prices, and machine shutdowns are current pain points in the packaging industry. In a volatile world, change happens quickly. In order to make your own business resilient, you need systems that allow you to react to these changes quickly and reliably. Here, Aicomp and T.CON... Read More

05 May 2022 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor Missy Green for a quick presentation of the key themes in this savory meals-focused edition. Highlights include COVID-19’s impact on the prepared foods landscape, with restaurant-style and easy-to-assemble offerings taking hold. Meanwhile, the keto diet is inspiring... Read More

12 Apr 2022 | Packaging Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the packaging industry, accelerating e-commerce expansion, heightening consumer hygiene concerns and refocusing industry efforts around “building back better” with circular economies. But what lasting impacts will the COVID-19 experience have on the packaging industry? Join... Read More

16 Sep 2021 | Packaging Inisghts

This webinar explores the accelerated growth of e-commerce home food delivery in the COVID-19 age, with special focus on the challenges and opportunities this trend presents to F&B packaging suppliers. Daniela Dorner, eCommerce director at Mondi and Akhil Aiyar, senior market analyst at Innova Market... Read More

20 Apr 2021 | Packaging Insights

In this webinar, Akhil Aiyar, market analyst at Innova Market Insights, provides an exclusive presentation of the global market researcher’s Top Packaging Trends 2021. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session with three circular economy experts. Topics discussed include COVID-19 and sustainability,... Read More

08 Sep 2020 | CNS Media

Innova Market Insights has revealed its Top Packaging Trends 2020, with “The Language of Environmental Sustainability” identified as the year’s leading trend. FMCG brands are increasingly finding competitive advantage in more prominent on-pack communication of their packaging’s environmental credentials.... Read More

18 Jun 2020 | USDEC

Today’s consumers want the complete package when it comes to their favorite snacks – delicious taste, global flavor and texture adventure, portability, balanced nutrition, indulgence and sustainability. The protein snack category is diversifying in response to consumer wishes, including a widening array of... Read More

21 May 2020 | Innova Market Insights

Flavors are more than ever at the center of new product innovation as ethnic flavors continue to expand globally. Meanwhile, storytelling is key to engaging with consumers. Health is top-of-mind for consumers while wellness flavors such as botanicals continue to thrive. At the same time, indulgence remains a... Read More

22 Apr 2020 | CP Kelco

According to a recent Innova Market Insights survey*, nearly nine in ten consumers around the world expect companies to invest in sustainability. CP Kelco has implemented a Triple Bottom Line sustainability strategy to align its values with its customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders. In this... Read More