26 Jan 2021
--- Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, PackagingInsights is dedicated to bringing its readers all the latest and most relevant industry updates. Visit this daily news feed for the coronavirus information and insights you... Read More
22 Jan 2021
--- Kraft Mac & Cheese is developing and testing the brand’s first-ever recyclable fiber-based microwavable cup. The classic American brand will introduce a new Kraft Mac & Cheese Shapes variety later in 2021 using... Read More
22 Jan 2021
--- In packaging news this week, Dow announced the first large-scale commercial use of its 70 percent recycled resin, Agility CE. Plastigaur, a leading film converter based in Spain, is using the resin in its collation shrink... Read More
21 Jan 2021
--- EcoTensil is launching a range of plastic-free, extra sturdy, folding paperboard cutlery in advance of European legislation banning single-use plastic items such as cutlery, plates and straws by July 2021. The US,... Read More
19 Jan 2021
--- Huhtamaki and Stora Enso are welcoming new scientific evidence finding paper-based single-use products more environmentally responsible than reusable tableware in European quickservice restaurants. The Life Cycle Assessment... Read More
15 Jan 2021
--- Fresh fruit and veg packaging innovation has several core aims, including product protection, shelf life enhancement and hygiene defense. The COVID-19 pandemic and a reinvigorated e-commerce boom are increasing functional... Read More
13 Jan 2021
--- Dutch chocolate manufacturer Tony’s Chocolonely is adopting Sappi Guard Nature MS paper-based pouches for the secondary packaging of its “Tiny Tony’s” chocolate varieties. The heat-sealable pouches... Read More
08 Jan 2021
--- PHA biopolymer pioneer Danimer Scientific has gone public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), generating approximately US$380 million of unrestricted cash to significantly increase production of its marine degradable... Read More
06 Jan 2021
--- Yum China is launching a series of plastic reduction and eco-friendly packaging initiatives across brands including KFC and Pizza Hut in line with China’s latest sustainability regulations. The initiatives include... Read More
05 Jan 2021
--- Mondi is acquiring Olmuksan, a leading Turkish corrugated packaging producer, from International Paper. The acquisition expands Mondi’s presence in the region, generating operational improvements and paper integration... Read More
04 Jan 2021
--- The EU-funded Refucoat Project is reporting breakthroughs in recyclable bioplastic food packaging capable of replacing conventional fossil-based raw materials. Refucoat has developed three different bio-based active... Read More
28 Dec 2020
--- The COVID-19 pandemic dominated headlines in 2020, giving rise to e-commerce home food delivery, hygiene and shelf life enhancing packaging innovation, machinery automation and virtual trade events. Meanwhile, industry... Read More
16 Dec 2020
--- Biodegradable and compostable alternatives to single-use plastic are widely regarded as appealing eco-solutions for increased circularity within the packaging supply chain.However, new reports from Closed Loop Partners and... Read More
15 Dec 2020
--- Krill harvester Aker BioMarine has launched Aion, a new company providing end-to-end circular products like plastic trays and shopping baskets via waste recycling and material reuse. The Norway-based business has already... Read More
14 Dec 2020
--- Kemira is forming an exclusive partnership with Danimer Scientific to develop biodegradable aqueous barrier coatings for more environmentally sustainable paper and board products in 2021. Danimer Scientific’s Nodax PHA... Read More
11 Dec 2020
--- In packaging news this week, Pringles updated its iconic can for the first in 20 years with a fresh look featuring bold hues and a clean design, highlighting the crisps’ inventive flavors and unique, stackable shape.... Read More
08 Dec 2020
--- European Bioplastics (EUBP) is predicting dynamic growth in the global bioplastics market. Announced at the 15th EUBP Conference, EUBP and the nova-Institute estimate 36 percent growth over the next five years after... Read More
08 Dec 2020
--- Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is announcing ambitions to become a net-zero carbon business by 2040 in alignment with the 1.5˚C climate change-limiting pathway and the Paris Climate Agreement. The world’s largest... Read More
08 Dec 2020
--- “The entire packaging industry needs to change,” Julia Piechotta, co-founder of Germany-based edible cutlery start-up Spoontainable, tells PackagingInsights. Her start-up provides one piece to the jigsaw puzzle... Read More
07 Dec 2020
--- UK start-up Toraphene has created what it describes as an economically viable biopolymer capable of replacing fossil-based plastics. The material, eponymously named Toraphene, is fully ocean degradable, compostable and... Read More