03 Apr 2020
--- In packaging news this week, a study published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology discovered a bacterium that feeds on plastic waste. The bacterium was first found in a plastic dump and shown to break down... Read More
03 Apr 2020
--- Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, PackagingInsights is dedicated to bringing its readers all the latest and most relevant industry updates. Visit this daily news feed for the coronavirus information and insights you... Read More
24 Mar 2020
--- In collaboration with PackagingInsights, Innova Market Insights has unveiled its Top Packaging Trends 2020, with “The Language of Environmental Sustainability” identified as this year’s leading trend. FMCG... Read More
23 Mar 2020
--- Finnish forest industry company UPM has developed a new biocomposite material called UPM Formi EcoAce, which the company says meets the “highest sustainability requirements.” The new material contains certified... Read More
19 Mar 2020
--- Water brand Boxed Water has launched a product packaging that is 92 percent plant-based – the highest level achieved in the industry to date, according to the company. The brand achieved this by adding a plant-based... Read More
18 Mar 2020
--- Israel-based Sufresca has developed edible coatings that eliminate fresh produce plastic packaging entirely and reduce food loss and waste. The tailor-made edible formulations arrive with easily implemented application... Read More
18 Mar 2020
--- Biodegradable and compostable packaging specialist Sirane has developed a plastic-free sandwich skillet as an alternative to the PE-coated packs and laminated boards which currently dominate the market. The sandwich packs,... Read More
17 Mar 2020
--- The European Commission has adopted a new Circular Economy Action Plan in which it prioritizes reducing overpackaging and packaging waste, driving design for reusable and recyclable packaging and reducing the complexity of... Read More
12 Mar 2020
--- British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer Tesco has released its Packaging Preferred Materials & Formats Guidelines 2020 with one notable absentee from its preferred materials list: compostable and... Read More
11 Mar 2020
--- AR Packaging has joined the PulPac Technology Pool and aims to be first-to-market with 3D dry molded cellulose trays and cutlery for the food, on-the-go and foodservice sectors created using the patented technology. The... Read More
09 Mar 2020
--- Cutting carbon was the key theme of Packaging Innovations 2020 in Birmingham, UK. Nobody will deny that the scourge of packaging pollution remains an urgent global issue, but increased attention to climate change has led the... Read More
06 Mar 2020
--- Converting cornstarch into a new class of material called amylose inclusion complex (AIC) has given life to food-safe and mosquito-repellent packaging. This research conducted at the US Department of Agriculture... Read More
04 Mar 2020
--- TEQ, part of Sonoco, is promoting its thermoformed wet pulp for natural packaging material called Fibrepak in response to companies seeking more sustainable packaging solutions. Products made with Fibrepak via the... Read More
04 Mar 2020
--- Dutch beer brewer Grolsch is set to bring Smurfit Kappa’s paper-based TopClip to market for the first time for its multi-pack cans. Completely renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, the TopClip offers a viable... Read More
26 Feb 2020
--- A partnership between corrugated packaging giant Smurfit Kappa and Dutch patented technologists Rollor Packaging has culminated in the unveiling of the Rollor e-commerce pack today at Packaging Innovations 2020 in... Read More
25 Feb 2020
--- Compostable packaging products certified standard EN 13432 can disintegrate within a maximum of 22 days together with biowaste (GFT) in a full-scale industrial organic waste treatment facility, found a recent study. That is... Read More
21 Feb 2020
--- This week in packaging, Huhtamaki unveiled a special range of paper cups designed and optimized for vending machines. The Compacto cups are made with paper from 100 percent PEFC-certified sustainably managed forests. Also,... Read More
12 Feb 2020
--- Major bioplastics players BASF and Novamont have both launched highly sustainable solutions for fresh-food packaging in two major compostable cling film breakthroughs. Tackling both plastic pollution and food waste... Read More
11 Feb 2020
--- Zanders has launched a completely natural grease- and oil-resistant paper for food packaging without the use of chemicals. The enhanced Zanbarrier NGR (“Natural Grease Resistant”) paper also boasts a higher... Read More
07 Feb 2020
--- Leader of the UK Plastics Pact WRAP has released new guidance to address confusion over compostable plastic packaging. WRAP states that compostable plastics could be particularly useful for flexible packaging which contains... Read More