29 Jun 2022
--- Compostable packaging demand is growing rapidly, but improved collection and recycling infrastructure and clearer product labeling are required to support the market’s expansion and enhance cost-competitiveness. A... Read More
27 Jun 2022
--- UPM Specialty Papers has introduced a recyclable and compostable kraft paper for coating bases lamination, single packs, bags and wraps. The highly versatile paper – branded Solide Lucent – enables brand owners... Read More
22 Jun 2022
--- A study released today by printing company R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) has found the packaging market’s most pressing challenges are forcing decision-makers to shift priorities and rethink operations, with... Read More
21 Jun 2022
--- University researchers have developed a biodegradable spray-on coating to protect foods against pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms and transportation damage. The new solution reduces plastic food packaging and associated... Read More
21 Jun 2022
--- Sonoco has participated in European recycling trials showing that digital watermarks yield accurate packaging sortation, distinguishing between food and non-food applications. The HolyGrail 2.0 initiative aims to assess... Read More
20 Jun 2022
--- MOB Beauty is launching a fully compostable makeup packaging collection called NewPurpose. The makeup brand aims to reduce plastic waste by switching to the compostable solutions by 2024. According to MOB, the beauty... Read More
10 Jun 2022
--- Researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia, have discovered a species of worm with an appetite for polystyrene, highlighting they could be the key to plastic recycling on a mass-scale. The common Zophobas morio... Read More
08 Jun 2022
--- EcoTensil and Trendy Top have teamed up to deliver a new integrated private label top-cup solution, including a Single Use Plastic Directive (SUPD) compliant, durable and smooth paperboard EcoTensil spoon to replace the... Read More
20 May 2022
--- Zume has developed compostable coffee lids made from bagasse, a pulp made from sugarcane. The company is announcing the environmentally sustainable snap-fit coffee cup lids are now available in Europe.
19 May 2022
--- UK consumers will have to check claims made by packaging producers as these might be incorrect or misleading, warns Martin Kersh, executive director of the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA), ahead of the Packaging... Read More
18 May 2022
--- Novolex’s Eco-Products brand is introducing a new compostable wrap for packing hot and cold food products such as snacks and sandwiches, tapping into increasing demand for environmentally sustainable products.
13 May 2022
--- CJ Bio, a division of South Korea-based CJ CheilJedang, is launching a “market-first” amorphous PHA polymer as part of its new PHACT Marine Biodegradable Polymers line. The amorphous PHA polymer will be produced... Read More
12 May 2022
--- New York’s new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) bill is expected to face fierce industry resistance, experts say. The bill, introduced on May 5, would make packaging producers completely responsible for packaging... Read More
02 May 2022
--- Ahead of the Rethinking Materials summit this week in London, UK, we speak with Stefan Barot, CEO at Biotec, a company developing and producing environmentally sustainable bioplastics made from plant-based renewable... Read More
29 Apr 2022
--- The Rethinking Materials summit in London, UK, next week will offer a valuable opportunity for packaging and waste management players to reimagine and design public infrastructure. We sit down with Dr. Adam Read, external... Read More
08 Apr 2022
--- Experts are convening today at the University of Portsmouth, UK, to discuss the success of policies tackling the global plastic pollution crisis. The two-day online workshop reviews research and proposals initiated at the... Read More
30 Mar 2022
--- The UK’s Department of Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has released the findings of its long-awaited extended producer responsibility (EPR) consultation, along with the policy decisions it has drawn.... Read More
25 Mar 2022
--- TIPA has flagged the movement by small-scale farmers in pioneering environmentally sustainable packaging solutions for the food industry, particularly compostable packaging. Brands across the US and UK are investing in... Read More
24 Mar 2022
--- Huhtamaki is increasing its production of advanced smooth molded fiber packaging in Europe. The company’s site in Alf, Germany, is switching its focus from plastics to smooth molded fiber products to meet the growing... Read More
23 Mar 2022
--- Researchers at NC State University, US, have developed a new biomaterial that could help solve the worsening problem of plastic pollution. Lokendra Pal and Lucian Lucia, professors in the Department of Forest Biomaterials,... Read More