14 Jan 2022
--- In packaging news this week, Dawn launched a one-handed washing liquid bottle design targeted at disabled consumers. Meanwhile, Sappi unveiled a one-side coated face stock label paper for improved printability, and Smurfit... Read More
06 Jan 2022
--- Israeli compostable packaging specialist Tipa has landed US$70 million in a series C round funding in what it says will bring “breakthrough technology” to the world stage. Speaking to PackagingInsights, Julia... Read More
05 Jan 2022
--- As anti-plastic legislation sweeps into effect in countries around the globe, industry is looking for new ways to package F&B products without sacrificing quality, shelf life and hygiene. Biodegradable materials are an... Read More
04 Jan 2022
--- Sirane is opening up a new manufacturing site in the Czech Republic to answer growing consumer demand for environmentally sustainable packaging, such as recyclable and plastic-free solutions, in Central and Eastern Europe.... Read More
21 Dec 2021
--- As 2021 draws to a close, PackagingInsights looks back at the biggest industry developments of the year, from the EU Single Use Plastics Directive and US COMPOST Act to COP26 and Asia’s first Plastics Pact.... Read More
17 Dec 2021
--- US-based materials science company Footprint is entering a merger with acquisition company Gores Holdings to take its plant-based coating and process packaging technologies public. The combined company will have a total... Read More
17 Dec 2021
--- Seaweed-based packaging manufacturer Notpla has landed £10 million (US$13.3 million) in series A round funding. The UK-based start-up will use the investments to commercialize its flagship product “Ooho”... Read More
06 Dec 2021
--- UK-based Parkside has equipped Bird & Blend with compostable packaging for its loose tea. The solution utilizes Futamura’s compostable bio-based paper and metalized NatureFlex cellulose films, manufactured from... Read More
01 Dec 2021
--- The European Bioeconomy Alliance has criticized the EU’s methodology for Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) comparing bio-based with conventional plastics, labeling it “not fit for purpose” and favorable to... Read More
01 Dec 2021
--- European Bioplastics (EUBP) has revealed global bioplastics production will more than triple over the next five years (2021-2026), according to market data compiled in cooperation with the nova-Institute. Notably, Asia is... Read More
30 Nov 2021
--- Novolex’s Eco-Products has added seven items to its compostable take-out container lineup. The Vanguard two-piece containers are made from sugarcane fiber and designed for restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores... Read More
30 Nov 2021
--- Researchers at US universities Berkeley California and Minnesota have developed a new chemical fermentation technology for producing food-grade plastic products from plant-based sources. The researchers say their development... Read More
29 Nov 2021
--- Refillable packaging is essential to simultaneously reducing waste and carbon footprint, says William Connolly, head of packaging innovation and sustainability at The Body Shop. Speaking ahead of Packaging Innovations in... Read More
26 Nov 2021
--- While bioplastics innovation continues to thrive globally, Erwin Lepoudre, market development manager for biopolymers at Kaneka Belgium, insists market growth would accelerate if regulation differentiating biodegradable... Read More
26 Nov 2021
--- Researchers have developed jelly-based ice cubes that do not melt, are compostable, antimicrobial and prevent cross-contamination in fresh food packaging. The inventors are touting the solution’s... Read More
24 Nov 2021
--- Australia has “no hope” of achieving its 2025 national recycling targets, according to environmental activists, who are expressing dismay at the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation’s (APCO) recent... Read More
22 Nov 2021
--- NatureWorks expects the bioplastics market to continue growing at “unprecedented rates,” says Mariagiovanna Vetere, global public affairs director, despite lacking differentiation in anti-plastic legislation.... Read More
19 Nov 2021
--- ABB Robotics has partnered with compostable packaging pioneer Zume to support the transition away from single-use plastic in the foodservice sector. ABB Robotics will supply more than 1,000 robotic cells to enhance... Read More
16 Nov 2021
--- Compostable packaging company Tipa has launched its first home-compostable-certified, transparent laminate called T.LAM 608. “T.LAM 608 is [TÜV OK]-certified to degrade in home and community composts, which means... Read More
16 Nov 2021
--- According to Huhtamaki CEO Charles Héaulmé, recyclable packaging is more beneficial to the expanding circular economy than compostable alternatives. “Recycling is more important than... Read More